SAN Tight! Fem Review

SAN tight femSAN Tight! Fem is a new diet pill made just for women. I have to admit, I have jumped on the female diet pill movement, because change is a good thing, and women are technically the target audience. I heard a while ago that 80 or 90% of diet pill buyers are women, and yet, ironically, here’s an industry secret, most of the clinical studies don’t test women. Studies only test men. Why?

Because when scientists do use female subjects, a lot of the studies fail to show results. Women’s bodies don’t work the way men’s do. And obviously, when we hear that the studies failed to show results, the logical thing to do is to find something else. A diet pill that focuses on women would logically use ingredients specifically tested on women.

But SAN Tight! Fem is Not So Unique

You would think that SAN Tight! Fem would be something else, something special considering the way advertisers jabber on. But it’s not as unique or special as most of us would hope. All 7 of the SAN Tight! Fem active ingredients can be found in almost every diet pill out there. After all, everybody loves caffeine (the key component in SAN Tight! Fem).

Is Caffeine Good or Bad?

I’m not saying that caffeine is all bad. Caffeine may be common. But caffeine does have a lot of backing. Caffeine comes in all shapes and sizes, and between green tea and caffeine anhydrous, there are literally hundreds of positive clinical studies. Yes, everybody uses caffeine, because it works.

The downside is that virtually every form of caffeine requires that you use at least 400mg, and I can tell you right now, most companies don’t use anywhere near 400mg. The whole SAN Tight! Fem proprietary blend (which covers all 7 ingredients), has a grand total of 435, nowhere near the 800mg that would be needed to cover green tea and caffeine. Obviously, SAN Tight! Fem does not use the clinically proven amounts of anything else.

And as we all know, even if you don’t get 400mg, caffeine in all its forms, can still cause side effects. For those who are sensitive to caffeine, it can cause headaches, jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, indigestion, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, facial flushing, insomnia, headache, drowsiness, dry mouth, and an elevated heartbeat. If you’re not losing weight, obviously it’s not worth it.


The other ingredients in SAN Tight! Fem really don’t burn fat anyway. Yohimbine has been a popular commodity. But this particular aphrodisiac is more likely to lead to heart attacks, strokes, facial hair, body hair, shrinking breasts, and a number of other serious & embarrassing side effects in women. And just so you know, caffeine isn’t the miracle fat loss cure for women. There’s really no upturn. The more you know about SAN Tight! Fem, the more you know you should avoid it.

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