SatieTrim Saffron Extract Review

Satietrim Saffron ExtractIf you’re a “secret snacker” who creeps out after midnight for a donut and chocolate milk, or takes a break—at the vending machine, there are probably many reasons for your cravings. You could have high blood sugar, be suffering from stress or emotional upset, or simply like the taste of food a bit too much.

Whatever the reason you can’t stop munching, you need to gain control over your appetite.

SatieTrim Saffron Extract wants to help. And unlike other appetite suppressants that work inside your digestive system, tricking it into feeling full, SatieTrim Saffron Extract works in your brain. Let’s face it; it’s your head telling you to finish off those Doritos, isn’t it?

How Does SatieTrim Saffron Extract Work?

SatieTrim Saffron Extract contains Saffron Extract in “3 X’s the concentration used by other brands.”

Saffron contains an active component called safranal, which works on neurotransmitters in the brain to induce the release of “happy hormone” Serotonin.

Serotonin production has been clinically proven to not only cause a “euphoric” feeling in humans, but to also control appetite and convulsive behaviors—like mindless eating.

Too pungent for use in cooking, Saffron has still been used medicinally for centuries because of its ability to heighten mood and take away appetite.

Scientific Backing

Scientists conducted a trial on subjects using Satiereal—another form of Saffron, and a placebo over an 8-week period, on moderately overweight but healthy women. These women were allowed to eat whenever they desired, and kept a food log.

It was shown that the women fed only one capsule (176.5 mg) of Satiereal lost significantly more weight and inches than the placebo group due to lower caloric intake.

The Company Behind SatieTrim Saffron Extract

Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical create and manufacture a whole line of diet pills and health supplements which they sell under their own labels.

In addition, Hi-Tech re-sells their formulation to other diet pill companies for repackaging and marketing.

The strange aspect of SatieTrim Saffron Extract is that it’s not for sale on the official website. We’re not sure if Hi-Tech has discontinued it—or what their reasoning is for not featuring SatieTrim Saffron Extract on their site.

SatieTrim Saffron Extract Price and Guarantee

GNC sells SatieTrim Saffron Extract for $39.95—and all supplements purchased through this retail supplement superstore are covered by a one-month guarantee.

Satietrim™ Safferon Extract Conclusion

We love the science and “neurological” approach to suppressing appetite, but we really wish there was more information on SatieTrim Saffron Extract online.

But at GNC and use the guarantee if you need to. If you try SatieTrim Saffron Extract, please leave a comment below for future consumers.

Good luck!

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