SEI Pharmaceuticals UltraLean Review

SEI Pharmaceuticals UltraLean

Even if you’re exercising regularly and making healthy food choices, losing fat along your waistline can be difficult. However, SEI Pharmaceuticals claims to have created a product that will not only boost your metabolism, making it easier to shed those stubborn pounds, but will specifically target abdominal fat as well so you can have that slim, trim waistline you’ve always wanted.

Its name? UltraLean.

This revolutionary formula will supposedly help to suppressing your cravings for sugar while supporting joint flexibility, so you’ll not only be able to nail that diet but be able to reduce your recovery time with the same supplement. UltraLean also claims to be able to increase energy and focus for the ultimate fat burning experience.

Yet can UltraLean really help you to become a lean, mean, fat-burning machine? Or is it nothing more than an expensive placebo? To find out the truth, we’ve taken an inside look at UltraLean’s ingredients.


Green Tea – Rich in antioxidants and catechins, Green Tea has been used for years to increase energy levels and mental focus while suppressing appetite.

CLA – A potentially powerful stimulant, Conjugated Linoleic Acid can help increase metabolism and lean muscle mass, making it easier to burn body fat and replace it with rock-hard muscle.

Caffeine – An extremely popular stimulant, caffeine interacts with your body’s neurotransmitters to trigger a flight or fight response, so you can burn more calories effectively throughout the day.

Fish Oil – Rich in Omega -3s, Fish oil is known to counter the effects of high cholesterol while improving overall mental function.


• Contains powerful fat burning ingredients
• Increases energy levels


• Listed as a proprietary blend
• Expensive retail price
• May cause side effects
• Questionable effectiveness

Side- Effects

• Headaches
• Dizziness
• Nausea
• Insomnia
• Jitters
• Nervousness

Is it Worth it?

Overall, Ultralean appears to be an effective way for consumer to lose weight, and assuming that the ingredient concentrations are correct, then it should provide a pleasant burn with little to no side effects.

However, Ultralean lists its ingredients as a proprietary blend, casting a shadow of doubt on this otherwise effective formula for weight loss. Although the ingredients inside this formula have been proven to promote a significant reduction in weight in a wide variety of other products, unless these ingredients are in their correct concentrations, UltraLean may not work as effectively as it claims.

At a retail price of nearly $50, do you really want to gamble your money on a product that might not work for you?

We didn’t think so.

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