Sensa Chews Review

Sensa chewsThe Sensa Company has come out with a new product to help people reach their weight loss goals called Sensa Chews. Sensa Chews claim that they help reduce your appetite. Sensa says that with these chews you will feel satisfied between meals. The idea of not having to snack between meals is appealing, but does Sensa Chews really give what they say?

A Look at the Benefits

Sensa Chews is sugar-free and low-calorie, helping you feel guiltless whenever you chew one. Sensa Chews does contain antioxidants and fiber. Both of these are cleansing ingredients that will help your body to feel at its prime.

One of the antioxidants contained in Sensa Chews is Maqui Berry, one of the most powerful cleansing berry in the world. Maqui berry is also more powerful than its sister the Acai Berry. Contained in the fiber is Glucomannan, a bulk forming fiber that grows when it mixes with water. Glucomannan can help slow down the progress of sugar and cholesterol. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you drink water with this chew.

According to the people who tested the Sensa Chews product, the taste was more than satisfying. It comes in two flavors, Chocolate Fudge and Berry Burst. While most of the participants of the test preferred Berry Burst, some liked Chocolate Fudge more. One person even said that the Chocolate Fudge tasted like a tootsie roll.

A Look at the Downside

The price for 1 package of chews is $29.95, a little expensive for a chewy snack. However, Sensa is holding a sale on Facebook for $19.95 for Sensa Chews. They are also donating $5 of the money toward the American Red Cross relief effort in Japan.

Any other cons to this product are currently unknown.

The End Conclusion

The result of taking a look at this product has shown us that Sensa Chews may just do what they claim. They might be able to lessen one’s appetite and help you reach those weight loss goals all the quicker. Trying Sensa Chews for the sale price of $19.95 might just make Sensa Chews worth it.

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