Sensa Slims Review

Have you heard about Sensa Weight Loss System? Are you using it right now? If you are curious about some of the ingredients and how it works, keep reading!

How Do Sensa Slims Work?

Sensa Slims are a product made by Sensa and meant to be used in conjunction with Sensa Weight Loss System.

Slims have the exact same formula as the original Sensa. The only difference is that it comes in 30 smaller dispensers that are meant to be used on the go instead of one larger shaker that is used at home.

The Sensa System was created by a world-renowned sensory system expert named Dr. Alan Hirsch. Because he is so knowledgeable about the sensory system, he created Sensa, a system that uses olfactory stimuli to signal to the brain that it is satisfied with the amount of food that has been eaten.

Though Sensa is meant to be sprinkled on food prior to eating, the Sensa website claims that it does not affect the taste of food. Instead, the ingredients in Sensa use taste buds and scent to communicate to the brain that it is through eating.


The great thing about Sensa Slims is that it can be used outside of the home. Often while dieting, users let their diet collapse around them when faced with the temptation of a restaurant.

Now, however, you can just use Sensa Slims wherever you are.

Also, as we mentioned, Sensa is created by an expert in the field of the sensory system. Since this is the case, it is easy to believe that this product will work.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan and are concerned about what you will be consuming when you take Sensa, have no fear! Sensa products are not only vegetarian, but are vegan. If this is something you value, this will definitely be a Pro for you.

A final Pro for Sensa Slims is affordability. For a one-month supply of Sensa Slims, you will only pay $20.00, making it very affordable for users.


The major concern that I see with Sensa and Sensa Slims is that the ingredients do not seem to make sense with the method explained on the website.

The main ingredient is Maltodextrin is the main ingredient and is often used as an artificial sweetener.

Another ingredient in Sensa is Tricalcium Phosphate, a compound that is commonly used to strengthen bone mass.

Now, we’re not experts on the brain, but we are a little confused about how these ingredients signal the brain to be done eating.

Another Con to Sensa Slims is that even though they are affordable, they are not meant to be used independently. In fact, they are only meant to be used while using the main Sensa package.

When you consider that Sensa Slims are an additional purchase to the Sensa System, it seems like the price is a little less reasonable.

Our Thoughts

We are still on the fence about Sensa. It has great reviews from users, but we aren’t sure how it works. Because of this, we can’t give a full recommendation to Sensa or Sensa Slims.

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