Skinny Fiber Pills Review

In the past, all of the focus in the weight loss industry has been on ingredients like ma huang. Yes, these ingredients are dangerous, but consumers were seeing amazing weight loss. Now, we are a little bit more wary of ingredients like that, and while we still want effective diet pills, we also want safe diet pills. Naturally, what could be safer than fiber? The problem is, we don’t typically think of fiber as a weight loss supplement.

Skinny Fiber Pills focus entirely on fiber, claiming that there are certain types that are clinically proven to promote healthy weight loss. Not only do you lose weight, which is obvious, but these ingredients supposedly lower your cholesterol, improve your heart health, and make you more “regular”, which sounds legit.

We’re not willing to just take their word for it. We want to know all of the facts about Skinny Fiber Pills.

Does the Fibers in Skinny Fiber Pills Promote Weight Loss?

Skinny Fiber Pills uses just 3 ingredients, and some of these ingredients can promote weight loss. Glucomannan and caralluma are both known for being clinically proven appetite suppressants. These ingredients take slightly different approaches to achieve the same effect, but both have been clinically proven.

The third ingredient on the other hand is not quite as strong. Actually, cha de bugre has never been clinically proven to do anything! You can believe the media hype, but we wouldn’t trust this ingredient and we find the fact that Skinny Fiber Pills uses cha de bugre to be questionable.

Are Skinny Fiber Pills Powerful Enough?

Skinny Fiber Pills uses 2 ingredients that can suppress appetite, which could be a good approach, even if Skinny Fiber Pills has one ingredient that is a complete scam. Owever, we’re not so sure that Skinny Fiber Pills chose wisely. Both of these ingredients require at least 1000mg a piece!

Skinny Fiber Pills do not provide these important details, which means that Skinny Fiber Pills probably does not have the clinically proven amounts. A lot of products that provide these basic details don’t actually use the clinically proven amounts ironically enough.

Skinny Fiber Pills make big promises which sound good, but you need to look below the surface. Once you look at all of the applicable facts, Skinny Fiber Pills seem to really fall short, at least compared to our expectations.

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