Skinny Water Review

Skinny Water neatly combines our desire for hydration with another, the goal of a slim and fit figure. But is this the ultimate diet secret bottled? Well we have to admit we are intrigued, who isn’t constantly looking for the most convenient diet secret out there, especially those that are as seemingly as simple and sipping your way to a better figure?

However, as promising as this tonic is, we still have our doubts and are sure you have your reservations too which means we need to take a closer look inside the formula and science behind these drinks to find out if that are truly all that they claim.

What Is Skinny Water?

Skinny Water is a dietary aid that leads you to believe it is capable of helping you lose weight as well as get the recommended water intake each day. The drink itself is calorie and sugar free and can be found in multiple flavors so you have a variety to choose from each time. The ingredients behind each flavor change and fluctuate depending but for the most part they remain relatively the same. One of the most appealing attributes of this product is how simple and easy it is to buy as you can order online or purchase through a local retailer such as Target or Walgreens.

As far as the history behind the bottle goes, it is kind of unclear as it’s a relatively new product available on the market today. However, when first coming across the official website we have to admit we are taken aback by all the interaction and vibrant colors, let’s just say this brand knows how to make a first impression. What’s more is the information behind each drink is actually provided leaving you feeling well informed and excited about the possibility in each bottle.

What’s Inside Each Bottle Of Skinny Water?

The main and driving force behind each bottle of Skinny Water is an active called EGCG, derived from green tea. This is a promising attribute as EGCG has undergone a vast variety of clinical testing and has been proven to promote thermogenic response within the body which in turn causes elevated fat burning. The formula also utilizes caffeine, which is a pretty significant active to look for when choosing a diet aid as many of us find ourselves in that food deprived energy slump and end up binging to make up for it. Unfortunately however the only active included in the formula that appears to be capable of suppressing your appetite is h2o itself as it could possibly leave your stomach feeling more full, giving less room for food. This is disheartening as there are a variety of natural appetite suppressors we would have liked to see included. Another concerning attribute of the formula is all the contraindications that come along with it. For a natural sugar free drink you would imagine it to be very safe for everyone however it is recommend you ask your doctor before using because there is a pretty hefty list of previous health problems that could interfere.

Final Thoughts Of Skinny Water

Overall without more fat burning actives included in the formula we can’t really justify Skinny Water’s hefty price.

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