Slendertone Shorts Review

Options like Slendertone Shorts have been hitting the market today and well, making big waves but how do you know if these products really work when more often than not they sounds too good to be true? Slendertone Shorts are one of the many waist bands drawing in attention but there are a few attributes that set them apart. For one, these shorts target multiple areas, toning your thighs, buttocks and love handles, areas that most of us carry our extra weight in. Another exciting factor is how simple and easy to use the shorts are as they have been advertised to be wearable anywhere anytime.

You can simply slip on the shorts before sitting down for your favorite thirty minute sitcom each day and experience more results that you could have ever dreamt of. However, whether or not these claims are indeed true is still up for debate that’s why we will now take a closer look so we can weigh in.

Are Slendertone Shorts Easy To Operate?

One of the most appealing attributes of the Slendertone Shorts, as mentioned earlier, is how simple and easy they are to operate. The shorts themselves are made from light, soft and breathable material that has been reviewed as extremely comfortable to wear. The programs can be utilized with the hand held power unit that comes situated in right side pocket of your shorts. However, some reviews have mentioned discomfort when it comes to applying the adhesive pads to their skin and few have even found them to be irritating and painful.

How Do Slendertone Shorts Provide Results?

When it comes to how these Slendertone Shorts claim to work things are definitely laid out on the table for you at first glance as the formulators offer a vat variety of information and even include some clinical data information to set your mind at ease. The basic principle behind the shorts is fairly easy to understand as the secret behind them is the adhesive pads. These pads are formulated to send electric currents to your muscles, causing them to constrict. This contraction of your muscles causes them to tone and fat to burn with little or no effort on your part. However, what the website fails to make clear, other than their fine print at the bottom of the page, is that even they are forced to admit that their shorts will not have the same effects of exercise and that time generally would be better spent at the gym each day.

Customer Reviews For Slendertone Shorts

Reviews for Slendertone Shorts appear to be pretty well mixed, some claiming they like to utilize them when working out and others saying they saw absolutely no different throughout the duration. However, what is more alarming is the surplus of reviews that seem to come from the formulators themselves making you second guess each review you read that actually offers praises.

Slendertone Shorts Final Thoughts

Slendertone Shorts retail at about $199.99 making them a hefty investment for any budget. All things considered we recommend you spend your money elsewhere on a product that packs more solid research.

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