Slimage Review


Slimage is a dietary supplement made originally in Europe but is now available in America. This weight loss aid is supported by Dr. Lawrence Baker, M.D. and claims to help you lose weight by “dramatically boosting your metabolism.”

The makers of Slimage claim that this diet pill will help you lose weight with the strong scientific research and science behind its special formula.

By using Slimage, its users claim that by following the diet and exercise program accompanied with this diet product, you’ll be healthier, lose weight, and look younger.

We’re not so sure about this weight loss pill. There a lot of products with highly similar claims. We’ll do our own research and see what’s really going on inside this diet pill.


Slimage uses several different vitamins and minerals as part of its formula to help you ensure you’re getting the proper nutrients as you diet. Including ingredients like vitamins A, C, E, Biotin, and others, you can have healthier skin, nails, and better digestion.

Slimage also uses the benefits of not just Green Tea, but other teas as well. With Green Tea, you get many different antioxidants which help you boost your metabolism, decrease your appetite, and have a better functioning immune system.

White Tea, also found within this weight loss supplement, comes with many more antioxidants, and even more fat burning catechins than Green Tea. Because it’s on the vine less than other tea leaves, White Tea has more catechins, therefore more fat burning potential.

Oolong Tea is another benefit of Slimage and is made from the same plant as the other teas. According to a study done at the Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, the test subjects were able to burn more calories, have a higher fat oxidation rate, and felt better than those drinking just water.

There is also caffeine in Slimage to help you have more mental focus and clarity as well as more energy. Caffeine is also great at improving your metabolism and suppressing your appetite so you’re better able to burn off more calories than you consume.

There are two different extracts of the cactus plant in Slimage: Hoodia Gordonii and Slimaluma. Both of these ingredients help to boost your metabolism rates while working to decrease your appetite. Adding these ingredients are a great way to help you burn off more calories than you consume.


With the different forms of teas, as well as added caffeine, there is quite a bit of caffeine. If you’re sensitive towards this stimulant-like ingredient, we’d recommend only taking this product with caution, if at all.


With all of the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients within Slimage, we feel this product will actually be a beneficial weight loss aid. Although there is caffeine, there aren’t any harsh stimulants. We like that this product has many different forms of appetite suppressing and metabolism boosting ingredients.

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