Slimbionic 99 Review

Slimbionic 99At first glance, Slimbionic 99 is pretty refreshing. Diet pills are basic by nature, and unless you have outstanding, patented, or other uncommon ingredients, the basic idea is about the same.

A good diet pill should burn fat, suppress appetite, and promote weight loss. Some also detoxify, and some also build muscle. But the bottom line is that a diet pill should promote weight loss and over time, it can also be expected to improve cholesterol levels and heart health.

But for some reason, most diet pills get flashy, making ridiculous claims and reaching way above and beyond the reasonable. I have more respect for the products that really get back to the basics. But obviously, you should look at the Slimbionic 99 formula to make a final decision.

Slimbionic 99 Ingredients

Slimbionic 99 ingredients include Caralluma fimbriata, Garcinia cambogia, Glycrrhizin, Alpha lipoic acid, L-carnitine, Bioperine, and Beta Sitosterol.

The Truth

Obviously, there are a lot of false prophets among the thousands of different diet pills currently available, and most hit you with the flashiest advertising possible, bragging about 7 pounds in 7 days, extreme fat burning, muscle building, and that lean and cut look, whatever the cost happens to be. Most of those products only cause side effects.

The good news about Slimbionic 99 is that it uses ingredients that are pretty safe. Slimbionic 99 uses ingredients like caralluma fimbriata and garcinia cambogia, both of which can promote weight loss. But maybe Slimbionic 99 should have set their sites a little lower. I don’t mean that Slimbionic 99 should have used ingredients that are less effective, but rather ingredients that can work with lower amounts. African Mango only requires 150mg and evodiamine only requires 200mg. But instead, Slimbionic 99 just had to use things like caralluma fimbriata, which requires at least 1000mg. Obviously, I’m telling you that Slimbionic 99 does not use the clinically proven amounts.

The Rest of the Slimbionic 99 Blend

Garcinia cambogia and caralluma fimbriata are really the only clinically proven ingredients in Slimbionic 99. The other ingredients in Slimbionic 99 are nothing but fillers. Well, I should give Slimbionic 99 credit for using antioxidants like ALA. But antioxidants are not going to burn fat. So obviously, the other ingredients don’t really help the cause.


Slimbionic 99 has 2 major weight loss ingredients. Whoopee for them. But if I’m going to recommend a product, I expect to see more. I expect to see a formula that actually works! My guess with the current information is that Slimbionic 99 is pretty safe. But water is safe too, and water can technically suppress appetite if you drink enough.

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