SlimKick Review

SlimKick wants to KICK YOUR FAT OUT!!! And let’s face it; it needs to go!

You know exactly what I mean…it’s there escaping out the top of your jeans right now as you read this. (Yeah, I see you sitting up taller and trying to squeeze it in.)

SlimKick uses the power of red hot chili peppers to spice up your innards and rev up your flagging (half-dead, suicidal) metabolism so you start burning what you’ve been storing around your stomach, hips and thighs. (And we won’t even mention the stuff on the backs of your arms.)

Red hot chili peppers contain compounds that offer a plethora of health benefits including blood cleansing, detoxing the body and raising metabolic rate. SlimKick has apparently harnessed these little buggers and put them to work. It also uses an Asian wonder called Green Tea which raises metabolic rate with its natural caffeine content. Add to that EGCG’s for fat break down and antioxidants to heal free radical damage that cause your metabolism to slow and your body to age, and Green Tea offers a powerhouse of benefits.

SlimKick promises:

• To suppress the appetite to prevent hunger and snack cravings—even between meals!
• To increase energy levels so you’re motivated to eat better, and combat fatigue—naturally!
• To provide antioxidants for cellular healing to prevent disease and aging!

But does SlimKick work? Or is this British product less effective than a paper hat in a rainstorm?

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The Pros of SlimKick

• Red chili peppers and Green Tea both offer a myriad of health benefits
• Green Tea is a clinically proven ingredient
• 30-day money-back guarantee

Cons of SlimKick

• SlimKick only contains Red Chili Peppers and Green Tea
• Ingredient dosage is not disclosed
• Money-back guarantee may not include opened bottles
• SlimKick is a British product—may not be available in the U.S.
• Expensive at £39.95 (British sterling) for 60-capsules

In Conclusion

SlimKick seems to be a pretty weak formula for the money. It contains only two ingredients, and these are in undisclosed quantity. I’m not sure how you’re supposed to gauge a product’s effectiveness without dose. Do you know how?

A top diet pill would offer more than two ingredients, and would ensure they’re in clinically proven dose. It would also offer a lifetime money-back guarantee.

Also “dodgy” is SlimKick’s advice to “eat a medium calorie breakfast and lunch, and a low calorie dinner to ensure effectiveness.” Wouldn’t you lose weight eating this way regardless of whether or not you’re using a diet pill? It seems to me all you’d be relying on for weight loss would be the cutting back of calories.

I couldn’t find SlimKick on U.S. sites, so this seems to be a product just for jolly old Brits. Being a Brit abroad I’d say in conclusion—kick SlimKick to the curb. Leave the chili peppers to your cooking. You’ll reap the health benefits and keep your “pounds” in your pocket.

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Good luck chaps!

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