Slimquick Active Kit Review

Slimquick Active Kit

The Slimquick Active Kit is an all natural formula made to help you to succeed.

It will successfully target all of the reasons why women have trouble losing weight.

With Slimquick Active Kit, you will finally be able to take the comprehensive approach to greater success.

And it is made especially to control women’s raging and controversial hormones without anything but natural substances.

They say that Slimquick Active Kit will exceed all expectations. But is any of this really true?

Slimquick Active 7 Day Cleanse ingredients include glucomannan, green tea extract, senna extract, ginseng extract, lactospore, chaste tree extract, milk thistle extract, artichoke, turmeric, dandelion, cranberry, fennel seed, peppermint extract, caraway, ginger, slippery elm, bromelain, and cinnamon.

Slimquick Active Weight Loss Caplets ingredients include vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, calcium, green tea extract, caffeine anhydrous, rhodiola rosea, chaste tree extract, juniper berry extract, soy extract, Asian ginseng, brown seaweed, dandelion, yerba mate, uva ursi, Japanese knotweed extract, phytosterols, and l-theanine.

Slimquick Appetite Control Packets ingredients include folate, chromium trichloride hexahydrate, whey protein concentrate, inulin, synetrim, ginseng extract, and chaste tree extract.

The Truth

Slimquick Active Kit has 3 different blends of ingredients. On their own, each individual product has potentially valid weight loss ingredients. Each has its own blend of natural weight loss.

But none of these formulas actually promote weight loss on their own, nor do they promote results collectively. Unlike math equations, combining two negatives does not create a positive substance.

Slimquick Active Kit does not bother using the clinically proven amounts of any of these ingredients, and so you will not see any results. But there are still side effects.


We would not recommend using Slimquick Active Kit. It does not help you to lose weight, and it does not give you any real control. They have some female specific ingredients such as soy isoflavones.

But again, they only use extremely small and inefficient amounts that will not provide you with any known benefits.

Unfortunately, Slimquick Active Kit is just another all too typical SlimQuick product that is not built for any kind of success. It is built to fail, using the cheapest ingredients, ineffective amounts, and other pieces that do not add up to the big picture, because their ultimate goal is to save money, not to give you the weight loss benefits that they brag about.

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