Slimvox Review

SlimVox is revolutionizing the women’s weight loss market as it tackles weight loss issues faced specifically by women.

Men and women gain and lose weight through different methods and it’s important to find a diet pill that’s been engineered to fight the feminine weight loss battle.

SlimVox is an all-natural product meant to boost metabolism, suppress appetite, breakdown existing fat, and enhance your curves through the use of herbal ingredients that have been tried and tested to aid in weight loss and overall health promotion.

Because the makers of SlimVox have made such significant promises when it comes to fast, effective, and safe weight loss for women, we wanted to take a closer look to see how it adds up.

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Ingredient Composition

SlimVox is composed of an all-natural ingredient list that work with the body to promote weight loss, by balancing hormones, suppressing food cravings, and speeding up metabolism. SlimVox contains the following:

Green Tea-This ingredient has been tried and tested over the past 3,000 years. Originally used in Chinese medicine, Green Tea has become a staple ingredient in weight loss products that work because it has been shown to increase metabolism, rev up calorie burn, and fight free radicals with its antioxidant abilities.

Soy Isoglavones-Soy helps to lower cholesterol and eliminate toxins that are causing your body to hold onto excess fat.

Chocamine-Chocamine has shown to stimulate the body and mind to increase metabolism and energy levels throughout the day. This ingredients has also shown to act as an antidepressant and appetite suppressant so you can stay happy while cutting calories to increase your weight loss results.

Ginger Root-Ginger is used similarly to soy in that it lowers cholesterol and boosts metabolism. Ginger has also been noted to calm the nerves and protect the stomach from over-acidity.

Kelp-Sea Kelp works well to rid the body of toxins that are causing them to hold onto weight. By getting rid of the toxins that are causing your metabolism to be sluggish, Kelp enables you to increase your overall calorie burn.

Additional Benefits of SlimVox

In addition to helping you lose weight, SlimVox is advertised as a natural solution for clearing skin and improving mood.

Clearing Skin: Through the use of Kelp, Soy, and L-Tyrosine, SlimVox helps to regulate your body’s hormones. Since acne is the result of an influx of hormones (which in turn trigger the overproduction of sebum, an acne-causing oil), SlimVox may be able to help fight breakouts before they start.

Mood Enhancement: The ingredient Chocamine contains stimulating chemicals such as Theobromine and Phenylethylamine (PEA). Theobromine creates a similar stimulating effect to caffeine while PEA interacts with the central nervous system to create a euphoric sensation. When combined, these unique substances can help you look as great as you feel.

Should You Worry About Side Effects?

One of the greatest things about SlimVox is the fact that it utilizes all-natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about putting harmful chemicals or unproven ingredients into your body. SlimVox is one of the safest formulas I’ve ever reviewed, and most consumers report that they have no problem with side effects.

However, I feel that you should always approach a diet pill with your eyes open, and naturally you should know that SlimVox does contain green tea. While safe for regular use, Green Tea has small amounts of caffeine which may cause the following negative side effects:

• Dizziness
• Headaches
• Nausea and Vomiting
• Restlessness and Insomnia
• Rapid or Irregular Heartbeat

To keep these side effects to a minimum, you might want to try a smaller dose of SlimVox the first few days, allowing your body to adjust the ingredients.

How Do You Use SlimVox?

For the best results, take one SlimVox capsule 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and/or exercise with at least 16 ounces of water. Be careful not to exceed 4 capsules per day.

Although results can and have been seen without making any lifestyle changes, as holds true with any safe and sustainable weight loss program, you should being combing SlimVox with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Why not experience your full weight loss potential while using SlimVox? Making small lifestyle changes are going to help you see the best results possible while using this supplement.

Who Can Use SlimVox?

SlimVox is designed specifically for the female body – sorry guys!

If you are taking medication are have a history of medical conditions, you’ll want to consult your doctor before trying SlimVox.

Also, if you are pregnant or nursing, you’ll want to avoid using SlimVox.

How Much Weight Will You Lose?

This number is difficult to predict due to the fact that individual results will vary. Some women may only lose a few pounds while others can lose up to 15 to 20 pounds by the time they’re done supplementing with this product.

Customer Service and Returns

SlimVox is backed with a great 90 day money-back guarantee, so even if you don’t get the results you’re looking for, you won’t have lost your investment. Simply contact the friendly customer service via phone (877-915-3462) or email at to start the return process. If you need further instructions or help, you can try the live chat service available on the website.

Product Price

SlimVox is available on sites such as for about $36.95 depending on who you buy it from. However, I think the most reliable website to buy SlimVox from is Here you can get great deals and promotions when you buy in bulk and have access to the money-back guarantee.

1 Bottle of SlimVox: $39.99
2 Bottles of SlimVox: $79.98
3 Bottles of SlimVox: $119.97 – receive free shipping and 1 free bottle of SlimVox

Our Thoughts

We’re actually quite impressed with SlimVox, it’s methodology, consumer reviews, and ingredient list. Never before have we come across a diet pill catered so specifically to a woman’s weight loss needs.

We believe that when it comes to fast, safe and effective weight loss, SlimVox is one of the top-notch diet pills for women and that it’s going to help you reach you health and weight loss goals.

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