Slimway Review


Slimway is a new weight loss supplement out on the market with an interesting twist on the standard diet pill. By combining seven interesting ingredients, SmartLife Labs say their product not only helps people lose weight, but also improve half a dozen other health attributes. Does Slimway live up to all that?


Slimway uses all natural ingredients, which removes the worry about harsh chemicals and other synthetic products. These ingredients include Guarana, which gives the user additional energy in addition to suppressing appetite and stimulating metabolism. Other ingredients include Hoodia Gordonii and a seaweed extract, both of which reduce hunger and food cravings. Cassia Cinnamon and Salacia work as a team to lower blood sugar levels, regulate insulin, and block carbohydrates from being absorbed and turned into fat. Cayenne, a popular pepper, and Bitter orange round out the ingredient list, boosting metabolic rates without setting the heart to racing. Bitter orange is thermogenic, meaning it causes the body to create heat, which works to melt existing fat away. All told, Slimway has a pretty impressive list of ingredients.

They also have a great monetary policy: customers can buy a 4-month supply for $180. If they are not satisfied with Slimway for any reason, or for no reason, within 60 days, they may return their capsules, whether they have been used or not, for a 100% refund, including shipping costs, with no questions asked.


The Salacia blocks carbohydrates, which means that the body doesn’t absorb the nutrients in them. This also means that your body has more food to turn into fecal matter. Blocking carbs is almost always a bad move.


We think Slimway is a good deal, and we recommend it to all those who want a helpful supplement to aid them on the road to a more healthy weight.

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