Super African Mango 1200 Review

Super African Mango 1200 is an African mango based diet pill and the only one to use 1200mg of reported African mango, which it claims will help you to lose more weight by burning fat, suppressing appetite, increasing energy, etc. Super African Mango 1200 specifically talks about the obesity hormone leptin, saying that Super African Mango 1200 will help you to take control of this mysterious hormone, which reportedly leads to easier and more effective weight loss.

African Mango & Weight Loss

African mango has actually been extensively studied in various human clinical trials, and many would say that African mango is one of the most revolutionary weight loss ingredients in the industry.

One 10 week study showed that subjects using 150mg of African mango twice daily were able to lose an average of 28.1 pounds as opposed to 1.7 in the placebo group. Most so called “clinically proven” weight loss ingredients don’t have even one human clinical trial. African mango actually has several more of these studies, which indicates that if you’re going to pick just one ingredient, African mango is it. The best part for some is that all of the studies used only small amounts of African mango ranging from 150mg to 300mg.

Why Does Super African Mango 1200 Use 1200mg?

We can only assume that Super African Mango 1200 thinks that more must be better. There are currently no studies that use any more than 300mg, certainly not 1200mg. We haven’t seen any proof that suggests that 1200mg makes Super African Mango 1200 more effective than a product with 150mg or 300mg.

Is Super African Mango 1200 Safe?

African mango is completely stimulant-free, and it has not been associated with any serious side effects. However, with so much fiber in African mango, which is a cousin to the common mango, Super African Mango 1200 may cause diarrhea and other similar side effects, at least at first.

Conclusion on Super African Mango 1200

Super African Mango 1200 uses one total ingredient, and it uses plenty of that ingredient, 4X the largest amount that has ever been clinically tested in fact. Clinical studies have confirmed all of the possible benefits described by Super African Mango 1200, right down to its connection to the leptin hormone.

However, for some, it may not be enough. While African mango seems to be an extremely powerful and effective weight loss supplement, the best weight loss supplements seem to use more than one clinically proven weight loss ingredient.

After all, there is nothing that works for everybody, a more diverse combination gives you a broader scope and a more diverse approach. With so many positive reviews of African mango though, we can see why Super African Mango 1200 has not expanded its horizons. With a price as low as $9.29, Super African Mango 1200 may be simple, but it at the very least comes with an appropriate price.

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Super African Mango 1200 User Reviews

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    Thank you for the review. I am coruius about the product. Are you taking it? With diet and exercise, how much can a person lose? Good luck and thanks again.

    November 24, 2012 at 1:49 am

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