Synthro Lean Review

So you’re in the market for a diet pill and you’re wondering if Synthro Lean is the one for you. Congratulations on coming to the right site because we’re just as interested in finding out which diet pills are the holy grails and which ones are merely hoaxes.

What Will Synthro Lean Do For Me?

Although Synthro Lean has many ingredients, not many of them have been proven to be able to aid you in your quest for that perfect body. And when we say “not many” we mean one. The agent 3b-acetoxyandrost 5-ene-7, 17-dione is almost as effective as its name makes it out to be. It has been shown to be able to speed up your metabolism as well as raise your body’s heat production. Although a faster metabolism and a higher thermogenesis definitely help torch those extra calories, the effects are usually pretty minimal. And even though 3b-acetoxyandrost 5-ene-7, 17-dione is used in many diet pills out there, it is usually used to heighten the effectiveness of another drug, not to pull its own weight.

Any Other Concerns?

We might have seemed a little too hard on Synthro Lean. Even though their ingredients aren’t really proven to do anything extremely beneficial for your weight loss goals, they also have not been proven to do anything extremely detrimental for you. So, at worst you have an overly priced placebo in your medicine cabinet.

But, if you’re counting on a money back guarantee to return Synthro Lean if it doesn’t work for you, don’t hold your breath. Biorhythm, Synthro Lean’s manufacturer, has almost disappeared into thin air. And because you can’t buy directly from the source, you’re going to have to buy Synthro Lean from second party sources, meaning you can wave goodbye to any sort of return policy.

All in all, Synthro Lean is not the worst diet pill out there, but with so many others that show research and clinical studies, we suggest looking elsewhere for your weight loss supplements.

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