Tenuete 75mg Review

Tenuete 75mg is a weight loss supplement that has been designed to be an oral appetite suppressant.

This product is also a self-proclaimed “most popular weight loss product” so we thought we ought to research Tenuete 75mg to see if it was worth the hype or if it was just hot air.


Although there is not a lot of solid information on their website, Tenuete 75mg claims to be a naturally derived and herbal based supplement.

This is important because generally ingredients that are taken from mother nature are easier on the body and don’t have lasting, negative impact.

It also promises to be available without prescription, which means it is most likely available for a better cost than if it were prescribed by a physician.

Some people only trust weight loss supplements from a doctor, and because of that, they are forced to pay a premium price for a product that only works at a mediocre level.


Although Tenuete 75mg claims to be an appetite suppressant, they do not give any information for the ingredients that are included in its formula.

Suppressing the appetite is far from a perfect science and there are many gaps in this field of study. This means that only the highest quality ingredients have been proven to actually decrease your drive to eat.

Unfortunately, these high quality ingredients are often the most expensive and most products will choose to use cheaper, less effective ingredients.


Even though there isn’t a list of ingredients for Tenuete 75mg, we have to assume that their lack of ingredients mean they are embarrassed of their ineffective and less than impressive ingredients.

Our Opinion

When a company doesn’t show their ingredients, this either means there are ineffective ones or dangerous ones. Because Tenuete 75mg specifically states that they don’t use harsh stimulants, we have to assume that they are merely less than beneficial.

For this reason, we think that there are many weight loss supplements that will be more effective than Tenuete 75mg and we can’t recommend this product.

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