TestoRipped Review

TestoRipped is a “hardcore fat burner” according to its official website. Although mainly advertised to burn fat, TestoRipped should also build muscle and boost testosterone. This fact immediately caught my attention because most diet pills just stick to the basics: losing weight and burning fat.

My research is quite convincing. You may be surprised that TestoRipped is not only more effective than most diet pills, but helps build muscle and increase testosterone, as well.

Who Should Use TestoRipped?

Only men should use TestoRipped because it’s supposed to increase testosterone.

While TestoRipped is designed for any male looking to lose weight, men who exercise regularly may get the best results. Why? TestoRipped contains several testosterone-boosting, muscle-building ingredients. If you don’t want to boost testosterone and build muscle, all you need is a basic fat burner.

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TestoRipped Ingredients

Beta Alanine – increases muscle power and endurance.[1]

Caffeine Anhydrous – stimulates fat burning, enhances focus, and boosts energy.[2]

Tribulus Terrestris – creates luteinizing hormones, which stimulate testosterone production.[3]

Creatine Ethyl Ester – has higher bioavailability. Research shows it increases strength and fat-free mass, and improves workout performance.[4]

Raspberry Ketone – prevents fat cell production and breaks down existing fat cells.[5]

Horny Goat Weed – enhances sexual desire and performance. It also boosts nitric oxide and testosterone levels.

Eurycoma Longifolia – raises IGF-1 levels, maintains testosterone, and reduces body fat.

Evodia – reduces body fat in rats.[6] I couldn’t find any human research.

Guggul – lowers cholesterol levels and improves thyroid function.[7]

The Research

Many companies claim to use “proven” ingredients, but they never cite any sources. TestoRipped has 38 study references on its official website.

I’m very impressed with the company for not only using proven ingredients, but for providing sources. I didn’t use these sources during my research. All the studies I’ve cited above, I found on my own. This makes me more confident in TestoRipped’s ingredients because they are backed by more than 38 studies.

What Dosages Are in the Proprietary Blend?

TestoRipped has all its ingredients in a proprietary blend. The total dosage is 750 mg per serving, but I can’t see what the individual dosages are. Companies use proprietary blends to protect their “secret” formulas. This is a valid reason, but it presents a problem for me. I can’t see if safe, effective dosages are used; except with Tribulus Terrestris. The bottle shows 100 mg of Tribulus Terrestris per serving, but customer service says each serving has 200 mg.

Each serving is 1 capsule and TestoRipped has 75 capsules. The company recommends taking 2-4 capsules daily, which provides 1,500-3,000 mg. With such a huge total, TestoRipped could certainly contain ingredients dosages at levels proven to be effective. My research shows it contains the proven tribulus terrestris dosage.

Dosages help me determine if a diet pill is safe and effective. Since TestoRipped’s dosages aren’t shown, I decided user reviews might provide more insight.

Do Users Like TestoRipped?

TestoRipped has 3 reviews on Amazon.com and 8 reviews on GNC.com. Users on Amazon.com gave 5/5 stars and users on GNC.com gave 4/5 stars. I also found TestoRipped’s Facebook page where it has more than 2,150 likes. Here’s what some users had to say:

• “I was able to lose 15 lbs of fat while on this product and seemed to gain muscle weight on top of that weight loss.” — Scpk2 on GNC.com (5/5 stars)
• “When I stopped using [it] I began to fluff and puff a bit. Now that I’m back using it I have lost 7 more pounds and I have much more energy.” — Lynn Fleming on Amazon.com (5/5)
• “awsome product started the product was at 225 lost 12lbs the first cycle almost done my second cycle and im down to 193 and alot stronger and ripped out then wat i use to be” — Tanner Wilson on Facebook.com
• “My husband wouldn’t write anything but TestoRipped has helped his ED a Lot! As a fat burner it’s better than average (better than Hydroxycut & lipo-6) but no miracle pill.” — Julietmecore on GNC.com (4/5)
• “Minimal results. Feel slight energy, but doesnt sit well in your stomach. After a couple weeks of taking testoripped, you grow immune to the energy boost. Curb appetite, but nothing much more.” — Xxhollyballa21xx on GNC.com (2/5 stars)

If you search for TestoRipped on GNC.com, you won’t find it. GNC no longer sells TestoRipped, but the site does have a review page. Do a Google search for “TestoRipped GNC reviews” and the review page will come up as the top hit.

There are dozens more reviews and discounts on TestoRipped’s Facebook page. The discounts, which are posted frequently, included offers such as 10-30% off or free shipping. These offers apply when you buy from TestoRipped.com.

Safety and Side Effects

Studies show that many of the TestoRipped ingredients are safe.[1]

Since TestoRipped contains powerful ingredients and a large total dosage, it may cause side effects. Out of 11 reviews on GNC.com and Amazon.com, three people reported side effects. Two people said the side effects were mild. The third person said they had to stop taking TestoRipped.

Facebook has too many TestoRipped reviews for me to read them all. But the reviews I did read did not mention side effects. Here are the side effects three users reported:

• Nausea
• Diarrhea
• Heartburn
• Headaches

Where to Buy TestoRipped

Here are the three best sites to buy TestoRipped online:

• TestoRipped.com: $49.99
• Amazon.com: $44.95
• eSupplements.com: $49.99

If you buy 2 bottles from TestoRipped.com, the cost is $99.99 and you get a free bottle of Avatropin HGH. This product is designed to naturally increase human growth hormone levels. As a result, it should enhance muscle growth and recovery. Buy 2 bottles on eSupplements.com for $99.90 and you get a 3rd bottle free.

TestoRipped.com has a 90-day 100% money back guarantee. The company recommends using the whole bottle before deciding if TestoRipped works or not. If you don’t get the results you expected, contact customer service for return instructions. You must return your used and any unused bottles.

Customer service can be contacted by…

• Phone: 1-800-578-0952
• Email: Sales@testoripped.com
• Live Chat: Available on the official website


TestoRipped has some of the best fat-burning, muscle-building, testosterone-boosting ingredients available. They are clinically proven to be safe and effective when used in the proven dosage. I don’t know what individual dosages TestoRipped has, but it does have a large-enough total dosage.

I’m impressed with the company and the positive reviews TestoRipped receives. Most users say it’s safe, works well, and is worth buying. I also think TestoRipped is worth buying. I recommend buying it from TestoRipped.com so you can try it risk free.

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