The Baby Food Diet Review

The baby food diet consists of eating several jars of baby food in place of higher-calorie snacks throughout the day. Some even replace one or more meals with baby food jars. Like any low-calorie diet, this diet aims to reduce your total caloric intake. If the number of total calories you consume each day reduces to a point below your energy output, you get what is known as negative energy balance, and that results in weight loss.

As crazy as this weight loss approach may sound to you, it’s gained a lot of popularity recently through the endorsement of several celebrities, hello, the gorgeous Jennifer Anniston among them. However, it’s clear that this diet does have its downsides; even the thought of chowing down on this turkey dinner version makes our stomach churn a little. Let’s take a deeper look at the inner workings of this infamous diet to find out if it really is capable of shedding unwanted pounds fast.

How Does The Baby Food Diet Work?

The first problem with The Baby Food Diet is that the rules and regulations regarding daily consumption are foggy to say in the least, as mentioned before there are several different ways the process is interpreted. Some, eat baby food for each meal, others use it as a low calorie snack. This may sound like an appealing attribute at first glance, but that doesn’t necessarily give you any guidelines that will drive your towards your goals and you may never see results.

What’s The Good In Choosing The Baby Food Diet?

Although we may sound a little skeptical, we need to clarify that there are definitely some promising characteristics that come along with choosing this diet. For one, baby food consists of mostly vegetables and you won’t find any of the harsh fillers in there the way you would an adult’s basis meal of snack. This means that along with portion control you will be eating healthier, more substantial meals that provide you with all nutrition, vitamin and mineral content to meet a human’s basic needs. What makes this so great is that throwing back a jar of peas is a lot better for you and just as convenient as stopping in for fast food every day at lunch. The digestion process is another appealing aspect as baby food is processed more quickly allowing your body’s energy to be used elsewhere.

The Downside To Choosing The Baby Food Diet And Why You Shouldn’t

While The Baby Food Diet does have a few positive qualities, it doesn’t offer much in ways of cost or realistic usability. Consider how you would feel, when you are forced to face the questioning or unlocking peers as you slurp down a jar of peas. The fact is, there are many appetite suppressants and diet aids available on the market today that can help you stay on the right track, simply cutting back your portions and making healthier choices can provide you with the same results.

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