The Flat Belly Solution Review

the flatbelly solutionThe Flat Belly Solution is a diet program that is supposed to help you lose weight and stop dieting by dialing into your individual metabolic processes.

This book, written by Isabel De Los Rios, is supposed to help you figure out your “metabolic type” and thus be able to choose foods and exercises that will help your individual style of weight loss.


The idea of metabolic typing, like what is done in the Flat Belly Solution, is one that is far from new, being originally developed by William Donald Kelley in 1960.

Kelley, a dentist, said that he could not only help you lose weight, but cure any disease by first typing you with a blood sample. He even diagnosed a patient with lung cancer after the results from a simple finger stick blood test.

Although Kelley was popular he was discovered to be a fraud and was convicted of practicing medicine without a license.


The Flat Belly Solution seems to follow in Kelley’s footsteps as Isabel De Los Rios claims to be able to categorize your metabolism. She also claims that she knows which foods and exercises correspond to each metabolic type of every individual.

Our Opinion

Although we definitely agree with the fact that we all have our own way of processing food and responding to workouts, we highly doubt that De Los Rios has figured out a way to identify each person.

Even though metabolic typing has been around for about half a century, there have still been no successful attempts to correctly categorize someone. Tests as sophisticated as blood samples and urine tests have even been found to be unreliable.

Since the success of the Flat Belly Solution hinges upon the assumption that De Los Rios can truly, and correctly, determine which metabolic types we are, we don’t think that this program has any validity to it.

You shouldn’t have to purchase any program that is founded on an inaccurate principle.

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