The French Don’t Diet Plan Review

The French Don’t Diet Plan, written by Dr. William Clower, introduces 10 easy steps for shaping up and maintaining a thin figure for life, based on the lifestyle and culture of the French.

This French dieting phase is nothing new, for years Americans have looked at the French in wonder as they eat hearty meals and still remain relatively thin in comparison to us.

What makes this kind of a diet so appealing is that it doesn’t involve any of our dread factors like cutting carbs, counting calories or even exercise for that matter.

However, whether or not this diet actually has the ability to work is still up in the air and that is why we are now going to take a closer look inside this weight loss plan to find out if it’s the right diet for you.

What’s The Deal?

The basic principle behind this diet is a simple one. You see, the French, although they do partake of fatty food, don’t eat the same processed crap we do here in the states. What’s more is that their approach to eating is completely different than ours as they have been known to spend at the very least twenty minutes at each and every meal, taking the time to eat small bites and really enjoy the process.

What Kind Of Weight Loss Results Are Promised?

Unfortunately Dr. Clower promises no weight loss results when implementing The French Don’t Diet Plan. However he can promise a big difference in your overall life as the book does have the ability to relieve you of daily stress, improve your relationship with food and lead you to an all around happier lifestyle.

How Does The French Don’t Diet Plan Work?

The French Don’t Diet Plan can be broken down into three main components:

• What the French eat
• How the French eat
• Living a life you love

Each one of these areas is thoroughly described in the book along with a variety of helpful hints and tips that you can implement at each meal to make yourself slow down and enjoy it.

• Don’t eat and drink at the same time since you will develop the “toilet bowl effect,” which occurs when your mouth is so full of food that you need a tumbler of water just to flush it all back.
• Other basic rules include sipping wine or water slowly with meals and taking a few minutes to relax after meals.

Should You Implement The French Don’t Diet Plan Into Your Daily Routine?

There obviously, some very thrilling attributes in The French Don’t Diet Plan. By implementing these philosophies into your daily routine you can probably work your way to a better, happier you. However, the diet plan doesn’t really pack the needed punch to help you kick and serious pounds and we recommend if you are serious about weight loss you look elsewhere.

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