The New Lifestyle Diet Review

new lifestyle diet

The New Lifestyle Diet is a prepackaged diet plan designed to help you to lose weight with the direct aid of liquid supplements. It is based largely on high protein shakes, drinks, and soups, and according to ads, The New Lifestyle Diet also covers your basic vitamin based needs. The New Lifestyle Diet focuses on quick weight loss that is easier than anything you’ve ever used. How can you use anything else if you see the fast results that you supposedly see with The New Lifestyle Diet?

What The New Lifestyle Diet Has

The New Lifestyle Diet offers things like puddings, shakes, soups, and hot drinks all in one, and it also comes with one solid option: meal replacement bars. It encourages a major, but temporary lifestyle change, meant to promote faster results than you could obtain with any solid food based (even prepackaged meal plan).

Does The New Lifestyle Diet Work?

So far, we can definitely tell that The New Lifestyle Diet works if used correctly. There’s no way that you won’t lose weight if you actually follow the diet, and we can definitely tell that a lot of people are seeing results. However, we have not seen a high rate of reports on long term use. The diet plan in itself is simply too inhibitive for long term use.

The Cost of The New Lifestyle Diet

The New Lifestyle Diet is similar to other prepackaged options such as Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig. It is relatively expensive, but not as expensive as something like HCG. Some people can afford it for a limited period of time, and it’s definitely a good idea to use a protein shake on an occasional basis. However, we don’t necessarily see this as a long term solution, especially with inhibitive costs.


The New Lifestyle Diet is not for everybody. If you struggle to afford a $60 diet pill, chances are you will find The New Lifestyle Diet to be way too expensive. If you can afford it for even a month, we can virtually guarantee that you will lose weight (as long as you limit yourself to the basic perimeters of the diet). It is carefully planned out. Just be careful that you have just as careful a plan for afterward.

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