The Skinny Band Review

Fad diets and weight loss gimmicks show up nearly everywhere you turn, so it is sometimes hard to trust what manufacturers assert and advertise about them.

One product that uses the power of external weight loss means to its benefit is The Skinny Band. The manufacturers of this product assert that the unique gel infused into the band creates a way to curb cravings and hunger.

They also implement the band with a newsletter and other information to help individuals stay motivated and working toward their fitness goals.

Though this seems to be an interesting approach to weight loss, I was a bit skeptical. Many diet pills certainly do not work any better than fad diets, but those like Fenphedra that have used patented and clinically proven ingredients are sure to be able to provide results.

I decided to look into The Skinny Band to see what other information was available.

More about the Skinny Band

Unfortunately, there were not a whole lot of details concerning the ingredients included in The Skinny Band. The main website mentioned that they had infused the gel with Brazilian extracts that had been proven to promote weight loss, but they did not explicitly state which extracts they had included.

Also, I found that these extracts were only included as part of a proprietary blend and actually did not have any specific dosages listed. So it seems that this gel has a mystery amount of an unknown formula.

That did not inspire much confidence in this product.

Other Parts of the Skinny Band System

Many of the testimonials I found on the main website mentioned that The Skinny Band served as a great reminder and inspiration to keep going with their goals.

The manufacturers of The Skinny Band also provide ways for their consumers to receive health and weight loss information regularly in the mail. This, I believe, is an extra cost that is not included with the original purchase of The Skinny Band.

Though this band may not have the most powerful ways in which to curb appetite or actively fight fat, the information provided by the manufacturer may provide information that can lead you to fitness.

Of course, a lot of facts about weight loss are available for free online, so it seems as though The Skinny Band does not have much to offer that is unique.


There are some positive aspects to The Skinny Band. For instance, it can work as a great reminder and motivator for those that are trying to put forth the necessary effort to eat right and lose weight. Though it may not directly speed up weight loss, it does help to motivate you toward your fitness goals.

However, it may not be what everyone is looking for. Some find that the most efficient way to support their fitness habits is through Fenphedra and other pills that work to boost metabolism or burn fat. By combining straightforward and clinically proven ingredients, Fenphedra has earned recommendations from several different sources.

Since products like Fenphedra are available and have shown results, I would say that it might be more effective for those looking to lose weight fast. On the other hand, if you are mainly looking for a source of motivation, The Skinny Band may be the way to go.

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