Thermadril Review


We stumbled across Thermadril by accident. There were no press releases, no big media blowout, and we only found this product on one site: the Nigen BioTech website. Were we to listen to a lot of the bigger companies, we would consider this to be an instant red flag. But truth be told, we’ve found some of the best diet pills when we avoided the big 3rd party sales sites. But this does not mean that Thermadril is one of those exceptional choices.

Looking a little deeper, the truth becomes apparent a little quicker than we normally expect. While we don’t consider a smaller website to be a big problem, we do consider non-disclosure to be a serious issue.

Most People Get Scammed At Least Once

Maybe it’s the mob mentality, maybe it’s something else. But as a society, we’re stupid. Maybe you’re the exception. Actually, the fact that you are reading this post tells us that you might be. But most people know nothing about the products they buy. They don’t research, a lot of people buy off of late night TV infomercials, and it’s an American tradition to pay too much! But let’s use a little common sense here and ask yourself a few basic questions.

First, why would you buy a product with no ingredients? This, we have no answer for, because honestly, we’ve never understood it. When we see a product with no ingredients, we say to ourselves “you know, they must not have a great formula. If they did, you would think they would tell you what it is.” We don’t think that most consumers think “oh they must have a formula so great they have to keep it a secret.” We think that most buyers just don’t think to ask, because they get caught up in the advertising.

But it’s not just your pocketbook in danger…..

You would think that the worst possible thing that could happen would be you getting ripped off. You lose money, they don’t return your money, it’s a pain. Unfortunately, we’ve heard of way too many cases where it went way beyond that. Most of the time, allergies are mild. Maybe you have itchy eyes, you sneeze a little, maybe you break out in hives. But allergies can pop up at any stage of life, and when you are going into anaphylactic shock because you didn’t know that the supplement you’re taking just happens to have peanuts…..well you know the drill.

Here’s our final word….

We really don’t feel like we ask for much. We want to know what the ingredients are. After all, how else will we know if they’re effective or for that matter if it’s safe! Thermadril is far beyond providing you with any hope of information. All you get with Thermadril is a couple of babbling paragraphs that really don’t tell you anything at all.

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