Thermo Fire Review

Thermo Fire

The way Thermo Fire is described, it is the logical end to a clinically proven blend of weight loss ingredients. Thermo Fire is not a belly fat burner, it is described as a whole body fat burner that increases metabolism and thermogenic fat burning. Based on what we have learned in the past about how the body works, this is the only way a fat burner can help you to lose weight.

Clinically Proven Fat Burning?

Technically, Thermo Fire takes 2 approaches to natural fat burning. First, it uses green tea, caffeine, Advantra-Z, and other ingredients that have been through studies that show that these ingredients can potentially promote thermogenic fat burning, which means that it heats up the body to burn more calories and therefore more fat.

Because all of these ingredients are stimulant based, you can also expect increased energy levels and some side effects such as jitters, insomnia, headaches, indigestion, drowsiness, and increased heartbeat. Depending on the person, you might think that these side effects are worth it, as long as you lose weight of course.

The second approach is most often referred to as lipolytic fat burning, meaning it targets hormones called vanilloid receptors. These ingredients are typically stimulant free, and Thermo Fire uses raspberry ketones and evodiamine, both of which have been through clinical trials that show that they might promote lipolytic fat burning.

How Powerful is Thermo Fire?

Thermo Fire uses plenty of clinically proven fat burners, we have no doubt about that, and Thermo Fire is one of the few that lists the individual doses of each ingredient instead of hiding behind proprietary blends.

Unfortunately, we have also noticed that Thermo Fire uses amounts of each ingredient that seem very small to us, which is a nice way of saying that we don’t think that Thermo Fire has large enough amounts of any one ingredient to match the studies. In short, we’re not entirely sure that Thermo Fire has the power to help you to burn more fat and lose weight.

Should You Try Thermo Fire?

We can see why Thermo Fire might be a good fat burner, and we can see how Thermo Fire could promote healthy weight loss. In fact, Thermo Fire seems to have quite the reputation and a fairly popular company behind it.

The Thermo Fire blend has it strong and its weak points, using clinically proven ingredients in doses that are a little more questionable. There are some ingredients in Thermo Fire that are also only backed by animal studies, not human studies. We can see that new studies may emerge that may provide stronger support for the Thermo Fire formula based on the fact that there are people who like Thermo Fire, but we have not seen them yet.

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