Thermo Lean Extreme Review

There are many things these days that can be misleading. It seems that there is no more honest marketing. Everyone is manipulating data and facts to try to get you to buy their product.

It’s hard to sift through all of the marketing trickery to find out what is actually true and what isn’t. The diet pill world is no different. So many companies just decorate the label with impressive ingredients, but they barley provide enough of it for it to make a difference.

Thermo Lean Extreme is one of those products with a long ingredient list. They claim that it will burn fat, suppress your appetite, and give you more energy. For one pill to do all of that, it takes a lot of ingredients.

Let’s take a closer look and see if Thermo Lean Extreme will deliver all that it has promised.

What is in Thermo Lean Extreme?

The main two ingredients are Green Tea and Caffeine Anhydrous. Green Tea does have natural caffeine in it, but to add even more of a boost, Caffeine Anhydrous is added. They work together to heat up the body and burn more calories.

Synephrine is the one ingredient that does all three things that Thermo Lean Extreme promises. It increases energy, suppresses the appetite, and burns calories. It is a good replacement for Ephedrine.

Dandelion, Juniper Berry extract, and Buchu leaves are used as mild diuretics to rid the body of toxins and excess fluids.

Guggul Lipid extract and are used to build muscle mass.

The Pro’s of Thermo Lean Extreme

As you can tell, Thermo Lean Extreme has a lot of really great ingredients. It uses ingredients that have case studies to back them up.

For example, studies have shown that taking 200-300mg, which Thermo Lean Extreme has, of caffeine before your workout will greatly increase that amount of calories that you burn.

This product is safe to use and there are very little side effects.

One reviewer said that they got an energy buzz similar to that from an energy drink, but it lasted longer and they didn’t crash afterwards.

The Con’s of Thermo Lean Extreme

That same reviewer said that even though he had an increase in energy, he did not lose any weight.

That seems to be a common thing among consumers. I haven’t found many reviews that say they lost a significant amount of weight.

Even though there are some ingredients that have enough to make a difference, but other ingredients have very little amounts included. It’s hard to know if these ingredients really will help you get the results that you want.

You could experience headaches and sleeplessness from the caffeine. You may also have a change in bowel movements from the diuretics.

There is no money-back guarantee. You will be out some money if you buy the pills and they don’t work for you.

Thermo Lean Extreme Conclusion

There are good reasons to try Thermo Lean Extreme, but there also are some reasons to be wary.
For the most part, what you see with this diet pill is what you get. They may have added “extreme” to the title to appeal to a certain audience, but they aren’t trying to trick you.
Just know that every pill doesn’t have the same effect for everybody. You may get what you paid for, or you make have to keep sifting.

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