Thermobalance Review


Thermobalance is a weight loss supplement that has been formulated by the nutrition company Symmetry to help you increase your metabolism.

Because boosting your metabolism is one of the best ways to help you lose weight, we decided to look into Thermobalance to see what it could really offer.

What Does Thermobalance Do?

According to its label Thermobalance has a main goal to boost your basal metabolic rate so that you expend more calories doing the little things that your body does to keep yourself alive.

Throughout the generations our bodies have been evolutionarily designed to be as efficient as possible, burning as few calories as it can.

But as more and more people in this world are lucky enough to have more than enough food, there are more and more people that have problems with obesity.

For this reason, metabolism boosters have been found to be one of the most efficient ways to burn extra calories.

What Does Thermobalance Have Going For It?

After looking at the ingredients in Thermobalance, we saw some things that were more impressive than others. One thing that did impressus was Thermobalance’s inclusion of Chromium in its formula.

Chromium is a natural mineral that has been found to interact with the body in a way that increases the amount of calories your body uses to keep itself alive.

Should I Try Thermobalance?

Although Chromium is used in many effective weight loss supplements, it is not worth using one effective ingredient if it means that there are others that are dangerous.

One ingredient in Thermobalance is Bitter Orange which was originally used as an alternative to ephedra. Since ephedra has been found to be so dangerous that it is actually fatal in some cases, it has been blacklisted from most supplements.

But Bitter Orange has been found to have some of the same negative side effects as ephedra, meaning that Thermobalance could cause heart attacks, strokes and even deaths.

Because of this, we can’t recommend using Thermobalance to help you boost your metabolism.

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