Thermobol Review

ThermobolThermobol contains what they advertise as the highest quality herbal ingredients to burn fat, increase energy, suppress appetite, and improve your health. Thermobol further promises that you get a formula that is “research proven” and a crowd pleaser

Thermobol currently sells only in the UK, advertised by the brand name Promax. It is blended for a high strength approach to “give you a leaner, more defined body faster than almost anything else you have tried.” The only question for most consumers is, is Thermobol all that it is cracked up to be?

Thermobol Ingredients

Thermobol ingredients include Bitter orange extract, L-tyrosine, Caffeine, Green tea extract, Guarana seed powder, Bioperine, Vitamin B12, D-biotin RDA, chromium RDA, Capsaicin extract from hot cayenne pepper, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin B1.

The Truth

Thermobol uses one of the most common blends of natural weight loss ingredients we have ever seen. This does not necessarily mean that it doesn’t work. It just means that it is not as unique as they would like it to be. Thermobol is entirely dependent on caffeine and nothing but. Yes, caffeine works. But 9 out of 10 use a formula almost identical to this.

Does Thermobol set itself apart from other caffeine based formulas that don’t work?

Most caffeine diet pills don’t work, because they don’t have the clinically proven amounts. Each form of caffeine requires at least 400mg. In this case, Thermobol only uses 100mg and 153mg of their major forms of caffeine. Thermobol may still provide the antioxidant benefits of green tea. But that is inapplicable to positive weight loss results.

The ingredients in Thermobol that are not caffeine based do not promote fat burning or weight loss results. They use a blend of natural B vitamins, which do promote healthy brain function. But they are complementary ingredients, not active fat burners.


Inactive or complementary ingredients should never make up such a substantial part of any weight loss formula. Thermobol has broken the most basic golden rule of diet pills: thou shalt burn fat, suppress appetite, or do something to promote weight loss results.

Thermobol has popular and potentially effective ingredients, even being compared to ephedrine. But without the clinically proven amounts, it causes side effects, but not results.

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