TrimSpa 32X Review

Skip all the weight loss drama and jump straight into that yellow polka dot bikini. Forget all the struggles you’ve been through to reach your weight loss goals. TrimSpa 32X claims they can give you that beautiful beach body you’re looking for at the cheap price of only $29.95 plus shipping and handling.

Are you ready to be a more beautiful version of yourself? Let’s take a closer look and see if TrimSpa 32X can deliver you the slimmer you you’ve been dreaming of for years.

What is TrimSpa 32X?

TrimSpa 32X is a specially formulated weight loss supplement that claims they can help you become the envy of the neighborhood by providing more dramatic and clinically proven weight loss when compared with diet and exercise alone.

TrimSpa 32X is made up of five key ingredients. First is hoodia gordonii. This ingredient, though still viewed by skeptics as risky, is a proven appetite suppressant. Second, green tea is known to burn calories.

Next in line, aiding with the often overlooked problem of water retention is cocoa extract. Fourth is the powerful dietary fiber which allows your body to feel full longer, strengthening the effects of the hoodia as well.

Caffeine brings up the rear with its powerful stimulant properties.

The Pros of TrimSpa 32X

TrimSpa 32X makes a lot of promises. On their website TrimSpa 32X claims to be able to produce up to 23.7 lbs of weight loss in just eight weeks.

Through clinical studies and research performed, they have shown that their product, when compared with the placebo produces a significantly greater amount of weight loss.

Patients lost an average of 6.61 lbs with TrimSpa 32X compared to just 3.36 lbs with the placebo. Both groups were on a controlled 2000 calorie diet and cardiovascular exercise program.

Cons of TrimSpa 32X

Even though there have been scientific and clinical studies, we believe that this product still needs some work. Their website provides potential clients with very little information and no guarantee of results.

In addition, there have been serious side-effects reported such as severe migrane headaches, high blood pressure and insomnia.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we believe there are other products on the market that offer more proven and effective results without the side effects. We feel that it would be best to stay away from TrimSpa 32X until more information is discovered.

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