truDERMA Mangodrin SF Review

truDERMA Mangodrin SF is based on one of the biggest recent trends in weight loss: African mango, added to cissus quadrangularis, a combination that has been recently studied and based on one study, proven to promote more weight loss than diet and exercise or even cissus alone. truDERMA Mangodrin SF uses a diverse blend of ingredients, which it promises will burn fat, control your blood sugar, and give you the “superfood” based secret to healthy weight loss.

What’s So Special About African Mango?

While the industry’s last African venture (hoodia) landed with a plop, African mango has actually been clinically proven. It has been through multiple human clinical trials that show that African mango may burn fat, suppress appetite, increase energy, and control cholesterol and blood sugar.

It is completely stimulant free, and it has become increasingly popular in part because studies show that African mango can help subjects to lose more weight with only 150mg, which is a fraction of what many less effective weight loss ingredients require.

Is the Whole truDERMA Mangodrin SF Formula This Strong?

The truDERMA Mangodrin SF formula as a whole has plenty of clinically proven weight loss ingredients. Its ingredients range from the mood lifting, chocolate based love drug PEA that also happens to be an appetite suppressant to the natural detoxifier apple cider vinegar. Every ingredient in truDERMA Mangodrin SF is either a healthy antioxidant based supplement that improves heart health and eliminates harmful free radical or some kind of potentially powerful weight loss supplement.

With so many, you would think that truDERMA Mangodrin SF would be guaranteed.

A Few Missing Details

The only problem we see with truDERMA Mangodrin SF is that it does not reveal the individual amounts of each ingredient, which is common. There are quite a few competitors that use super-secret proprietary blends, because if marketers can make it sound good, most consumers won’t ask too many questions. What you should be asking is whether or not truDERMA Mangodrin SF has even half of the clinically proven amounts of any of its weight loss ingredients.

Technically, only a few actually matter. Even green tea is not a weight loss supplement, because it is decaffeinated. This green tea is used as more of a complementary health supplement. However, while every one of those ingredients only requires small amounts (like 150mg), we would like to see proof that truDERMA Mangodrin SF has the clinically tested amounts of every one of the ingredients in this blend.

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