TruDERMA Tru hCG Review

TruDERMA Tru hCG has jumped on the pregnancy hormone bandwagon with the idea that this little pregnancy hormone that has been tested as a fertility drug, is also capable of extreme weight loss. Because it is found in higher concentrations in pregnant women, some have deduced that it must increase metabolism, making it easier to lose more weight, as long as you combine it with a 500 calorie diet of course, and TruDERMA Tru hCG is the natural alternative that doesn’t cost nearly as much as the medical spa dispersed hCG shots.

Is TruDERMA Tru hCG Safer than the HCG Shots?

One thing that we can say for TruDERMA Tru hCG is that it is much more convenient and cheaper than the hCG shots. TruDERMA Tru hCG does not require injections. In fact, all you do is put a few drops on your tongue. It costs considerably less, potentially saving dieters thousands, and we can bet you can figure out the 500 calorie diet and figure out the recommended foods on your own. This information can be found all over online.

Is TruDERMA Tru hCG an Effective Weight Loss Supplement?

TruDERMA Tru hCG provides small drops which go easily on the tongue. However, this is not necessarily conducive to effective weight loss. Any ingredient is most effective when used in certain clinically tested doses. We have yet to see an ingredient that requires amounts small enough to fit in even 3 drops of TruDERMA Tru hCG.

In addition, the only ingredients we see in TruDERMA Tru hCG have never actually been tested as weight loss ingredients. Yes, there was one researcher who studied hCG when combined with a 500 calorie diet in India. However, he conducted a total of one study, and we have to ask, what kind of legitimate weight loss ingredient requires you to go on a 500 calorie a day diet?

If you have to go to those extremes that can be extremely unhealthy to lose weight, then we have our doubts about the effectiveness of any ingredient you combine it with. So far, l-carnitine and hCG have never been tested in studies that suggest that these ingredients really promote weight loss, meaning that we have serious doubts about the legitimacy of TruDERMA Tru hCG.

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