Ultimate Fat Burner Review

Ultimate Fat BurnerWhen a supplement company claims their product can help you lose substancial amounts of fat, red flags should instantly come up. Losing that much weight really relies on your diet and exercise and supplements only aid in the process.

Ultimate Fat Burner by Phytogenix is designed to help you lose weight through thermogenics. According to the makers of Ultimate Fat Burner, you can lose up to 30 pounds from taking their product.

The Eye Test

Just by looking at the box for Ultimate Fat Burner, you would expect this weight loss supplement to be a powerful fat burner, but look a little closer and you will find a different story.

The fact is, Ultimate Fat Burner contains 10 total ingredients in an average sized 682 mg proprietary blend. That is not a very large blend and you will probably not see much results from even the most powerful ingredients at that dosage.

The ingredients in Ultimate Fat Burner are also nothing to brag about. Here are some ingredients worth noting:

Green Tea
Green tea has been shown to cause thermogenesis when mixed with caffeine, which is the case with Ultimate Fat Burner.

Caffeine is a common weight loss ingredient because it increases energy, speeds the metabolism, and burns fat through thermogenesis.

Acai Berry
Although acai berry is considered by many supplement companies to be the best weight loss ingredient around, it actually has no scientific evidence backing these claims up.

Yerba Mate
Some studies suggest that yerba mate is effective at regulating lipid levels and may be able to help reduce fat.

As you can see, there is nothing extra special about these ingredients. Add that to the fact that they are found alongside 6 other ingredients in a modest proprietary blend and you have yourselves a questionable supplement.

Eye Test: 5/10

The Safety Test

The good thing about most of the ingredients listed above is that they are completely side effect free because they are all-natural and react well with the body.

In fact, many of the ingredients found in Ultimate Fat Burner have antioxidants, according to research, and can in fact boost your immune system.

The ingredient you should watch out for is caffeine. While caffeine is generally safe, it has been shown to cause minor side effects like anxiety, headaches, and restlessness.

Safety Test: 8/10

The Wallet Test

When you take one look at Ultimate Fat Burner you will think it is a steal of a deal. While you can purchase Ultimate Fat Burner for under $10, it doesn’t make this product the best value around.

In fact, one bottle of Ultimate Fat Burner is really only meant to last about 2 weeks and then you have to go back for more. So in the long run you are paying just about as much as you would most other supplements.

The problem is Ultimate Fat Burner isn’t like most other supplements because it appears to have weaker results, which lowers the value.

Wallet Score: 6/10

Overall Score

A safe product won’t do you any good if it provides no results. If you want something safe but not effective, take a sugar pill. Ultimate Fat Burner is simply not what you are probably looking for in a weight loss supplement.

Overall Score: 5/10

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