Ultra Lean Green Tea Review

As most of you know, green tea is one of those super foods that basically helps to cure anything. It has been deemed to prevent cancer, provide energy, and help aid weight loss. Ultra Lean Green Tea encompasses all of the benefits of green tea into a weight loss supplement. Ultra Lean Green Tea “is an approach to reshaping the body that considers the reasons people struggle to lose pounds and inches.”

Ultra Lean Green Tea – History

Reasons for not losing weight can be just about anything. Ultra Lean Green Tea has formed a plan of attack for the most common reasons for people today. These reasons include:
A slow metabolism – Ultra Lean Green Tea speeds up the user’s metabolism so you can lose more weight and reach your goals faster.
Fat burning – Ultra Lean Green Tea helps your body to naturally convert fat into energy.
Appetite Suppression – Ultra Lean Green Tea helps to curve your food cravings. When you are consuming less food you will lose weight.
A boost of energy: Ultra Lean Green Tea contains caffeine and will give you more energy to last through your day and even have a more successful workout.
A happy mood – often times dieting can cause stress and frustration. Ultra Lean Green Tea helps to keep you happy and motivated.
Brain power – Ultra Lean Green Tea helps keep you focused.
As you can see, Ultra Lean Green Tea helps promote every avenue you could think of for weight loss. On top of all of these great functions this product has been loved by customers for its great taste. They said it was very easy to implement into their diet and exercise plan. Ultra Lean Green Tea sounds like the perfect product, but is it too good to be true?

Ultra Lean Green Tea – Ingredients

Here are the top ingredients that are contained in Ultra Lean Green Tea:
• Forslean
• Advantra-Z
• Citrin K
• L-Carnitine
• Chromium
• Vandayl Sulfate
• Inositol
• Betaine HCL
• White Willow Bark
Ultra Lean Green Tea isn’t complete with their ingredient list. They don’t tell the full amount of each ingredient that is contained in their product and they also don’t provide a full ingredient list. These two points are very concerning. Why would you take ANY product, let a lone a diet supplement, if you didn’t know EXACTLY what you were getting?

Ultra Lean Green Tea – Our Opinion

We do like the looks of Ultra Lean Green Tea. Green tea has time and time again proven itself to be effective and beneficial. We also want to make note that there are a few questions concerning this product; mainly concerning ingredients. If you do decide to purchase Ultra Lean Green Tea know that all of the information is not given. We don’t recommend Ultra Lean Green Tea and we don’t NOT recommend Ultra Lean Green Tea. The choice is yours.

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