USP Labs Pink Magic Review

USP Labs Pink Magic

USP Labs Pink Magic is the first revolutionary formula that has been kept under wraps for years at a time!

When it comes to USP Labs Pink Magic, you will find that it acts as a super anti-catabolic, anabolic, test stimulator that will increase muscle density, strength, vascularity, and hardening.

This formula has been untouched and hidden, virtually forgotten about by CEO’s and even creators. But does USP Labs Pink Magic actually work, or is it just such a worthless product that it’s no wonder why they forgot about it?

USP Labs Pink Magic ingredients include: cAMP, Forslean, Nelumbo nucifera, Rhamnus nakaharai, Massularia acuminata, cGMP phosphodiesterase, and GTP.

The Truth

USP Labs Pink Magic has a blend of all natural ingredients. We see Forslean, which can help you to build lean muscle mass and therefore increase your natural metabolism.

However, they do not actually bother using the clinically proven amount of this potentially strong ingredient. They don’t use large or considerable amounts of any of their ingredients. But their other ingredients do not actually promote weight loss no matter how much or how little you happen to use!

With USP Labs Pink Magic, it comes down to the fact that they are relying on hype, and it took about 5 minutes or less to create this money grabbing product.


We would not recommend using the USP Labs Pink Magic formula. It does not have the right ingredients or the right amounts for that matter!

When it comes to USP Labs Pink Magic, you will find that there are many more side effects than anything else, especially if you are female. They have a number of ingredients for male sexual health, but not for male fat burning or even muscle building ironically.

USP Labs Pink Magic is just not one of those products that will give you any of what you are looking for.

Fortunately, there are far better options available. If you check out our top picks, you will find products that actually have clinically proven approaches to real and lasting weight loss.

They use clinically proven combinations, patented ingredients, and other approaches that far exceed any previous expectations. If you check into these products, you will get results and value with prices that anybody can afford.

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