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vortex burn

Vortex Burn is said to use the latest fat-burning technology, and advertisers would have you believe that this simple diet pill will dramatically accelerate your metabolism and blow your energy levels through the roof, jumpstarting a crippled metabolism to help you push past those stubborn weight loss plateaus.

The manufacturers of this product glorify its metabolism boosting effects, making this product appear to be the ultimate secret behind losing weight and mobilizing stubborn fat, and like the leading product Apidextra, this product will supposedly supercharge your energy levels to literally melt away the fat and trim down your waistline.

But does Vortex Burn actually work? Does Vortex Burn actually have the right ingredients or the right mechanisms of action that manufacturers promote? I decided to do a little digging to find out.

The Truth

Vortex Burn has some powerful ingredients. It goes without saying that ingredients like phenylethylamine and Advantra-ZK (which have been compared to prescription Phentermine and the banned ephedrine) will definitely get your heart racing and your blood pumping so you can burn calories more efficiently throughout the day. If it weren’t for all the negative side effects involved with these ingredients, then we certainly recommend such a powerful blend.

Additionally, Vortex burn contains caffeine, which is clinically proven to interact with the central nervous system and give you that extra energy kick you need to push through an intense workout and burn more calories than ever before. But, like Advantra-Z, this popular weight loss ingredient also comes negative side effects such as dizziness, jitters, headaches, and increased heart rate.

With so many stimulants in this formula, it would be easy to assume that Vortex Burn will definitely help you lose weight, but with a little extra research, I’ve discovered that not everything is as amazing as it seems.

Take Ginger, for example. Vortex Burn makes ginger appear to be a unique fat-burning, thermogenic ingredient to help you lose weight. Traditionally speaking, however,ginger has been used to calm an upset stomach, not burn more fat. Also, Glucomanna is a dietary fiber that can eliminate waste from the digestive tract and even help you feel fuller for longer periods of time, but upon closer inspection, you’d see that most of the weight lost with this ingredient is in water not fat, which can quickly be regained.

Still not convinced that Vortex Burn manufacturers aren’t telling you everything? Then take a peek at the concentrations. Even the most powerful and effective ingredients for weight loss in this formula are in such small amounts that they won’t give you the fat-burning results you were expecting.


There are numerous discussions in online forums and weight loss sites about Vortex Burn because it definitely has some powerful ingredients, but, sadly, these ingredients mean nothing when they’re not in their clinically proven amounts. Although Vortex Burn uses just enough of certain ingredients to cause negative side effects, this diet pill simply might not be worth the investment.

On the other hand, if you’re in the market for a good fat burner that keeps the side effects to a minimum while providing clinically proven concentrations, then I suggest using a product such as Apidextra. For such an affordable diet pill, it’s incredibly reliable, and consumers love the extra boost in energy that Apidextra provides – without the negative side effects that you see in fat burners like Vortex Burn.

You can read more about the reliability of Apidextra and its simple, yet effective ingredients listed on the Apidextra website.

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