Water Pill Review

Water PillUsually, when you see an all-natural weight loss supplement, you can expect to at least have a save product. That may not be the case with Water Pill as it contains a few ingredients that alter the way your digestive system works.

Water Pill by Natrol is a diet pill designed to help you lose water weight. As a diuretic, it essentially helps to clean out your system and rid you of any excess water. But how well does it work to keep the weight off? Let’s find out.

The Eye Test

In order to determine if a supplement works, you must read the ingredient list. Typically, products that have proven ingredients will produce greater results and those that have unknown or unproven ingredients generally don’t yield any results.

Water Pill is unique because it doesn contain your average weight loss ingredients. In fact, you won’t find a single milligram of caffeine or African mango. Instead, Water Pill contains a slew of diuretic ingredients including Juniper extract and Uva-Ursi.

In other words, you shouldn’t expect to lose fat when taking Water Pill because it simply won’t do that. As the name suggests, the only weight you will be losing when you take Water Pill will be water weight.

Even the makers of Water Pill claim their weight loss results are only temporary and mainly just relive you of bloating. So if you are looking for a powerful, long lasting weight loss supplement, you will not find it with Water Pill

Eye Score: 4/10

The Safety Test

Water Pill may seem like a fairly safe supplement because it contains a handful of natural ingredients. But after doing some research, we determined that there are potential side effects to taking this weight loss pill.

Because the ingredients found in Water Pill are diuretics, they work with the digestive system and can cause liver damage if not taken carefully. The label of Water Pill instructs users to take the supplement for no more than 5 days at a time.

Safety Test: 6/10

The Wallet Test

If you were to purchase a bottle of Water Pill you would probably be paying around $10 for it. This is not very expensive for a weight loss supplement. However, the problem we have is that one container contains 60 capsules or 30 days worth of pills.

If you are only able to take Water Pill no more that 5 days at a time, why would you need 60 capsules? If a bottle of Water Pill contained 10 capsules for a fraction of the cost, we would think it’s a good deal.

Wallet Score: 6/10

Overall Score

Whether or not we recommend Water Pill really depends on what you are looking for. Chances are you want a weight loss supplement that will deliver long lasting results and burn real fat. If so, this is not the right product for you.

However, if by some chance you are just trying to reduce some excess bloating and lose water weight, Water Pill might be a good supplement to try. For a majority of people, though, we wouldn’t recommend this product.

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