Surefire Weight Control Tricks

weight controlDuring a magic show, a magician uses illusions to perform tricks that are mindboggling. Of course, you want to know how he does the trick. But deep down, you realize that if you knew the truth, the fascination and allure would be gone.

Did you know that can trick your brain; the same way a magician tricks you? In fact, there are many tricks which are so simple, that they may not seem all that incredible. But they can successfully dupe your brain.

With the right weight control tricks; you will start eating less, losing weight, and getting into better shape.

1. Drink Liquid

Whether you’re drinking water or soup, it’s a good idea to start your meal by consuming a low calorie liquid. Water or soup will take up room in your stomach so that you’ll feel more full. It will keep you from eating heavier foods that can make you gain weight.

Make sure that you are drinking liquids throughout the day as well. They flush out your digestive system so it functions properly. If you drinking liquids other than water, choose the low calorie options.

2. Start With a Spicy Appetizer

weight controlAnother great way to start your meal is with a spicy appetizer. Hot spices like chili and cayenne pepper can suppress your appetite. One study showed that people who ate a spicy appetizer before their meal, ate less food during the meal.

3. Brush Your Teeth

Besides freshening your breath, brushing your teeth after every meal will keep you from snacking. Usually you brush your teeth right before going to bed. Over time, your brain gets trained to think that brushing your teeth is a signal to stop eating. Why not use this to your advantage and trick your brain throughout the day?

Some people also believe that minty flavors can suppress appetite.

4. Eat Hot Food

Nothing is worse than burning your mouth on your first bite of hot food. It ruins your eating experiences for the next day or two. Besides preventing burns, eating food slower helps you feel full sooner so that you don’t eat as much.

5. Don’t Call It Exercise

People hear the word exercise and immediately their brain is turned off. Instead of referring to it as exercise, think of another name that will disguise your true intention from your brain. You might need to go even farther and avoid thinking about your exercise plan in advance. Start your workout with a short, simple exercise and add to it as you go along.

6. Diet Pills

weight controlMost diet pills are designed to promote weight control by tricking your brain. The best ones have ingredients (e.g. cayenne) that reduce your cravings and make you think you are full sooner.

Other diet pills increase your metabolism so your body burns more fat than it consumes.

Thermogenesis is another process that diet pills use to raise your body temperature and promote more fat burn.

Trick? Or Treat?

A magician’s trick can often leave you confused and frustrated. On the other hand, tricking your brain will promote significant weight control and weight loss. Don’t disregard these tricks because they seem simple. With consistent application, they will help you burn away that unwanted fat and get in the best shape of your life.

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