Weight Loss Advice That Will Make You Fat

weight loss advice

You’ve probably heard or read about countless suggestions, recommendations, tips, and tricks to help you slim down. Some of them seem like easy quick-fixes and others are lifelong changes to help you lose weight.

You may even follow many of these rules and regulations faithfully, using them like a weight loss bible to ensure that one day your reach your weight loss paradise and achieve the perfectly sculpted body you deserve.

However, some suggestions aren’t the innocent and reliable angels we hope they are. Whether you heard them from your neighbor or a personal trainer or even a weight loss site like the one you’re on right now, there are some rumors that could be keeping you from reaching your goals.

As convincing and realistic as they may seem, these small bits of weight loss advice may actually cause you to pack on the pounds rather than losing the extra weight around your middle.

Weight Loss Advice: Always Choose Low-Fat Foods

The food industry knows that everyone wants to lose weight, consequently manufacturers try to be sneaky with their advertising in order to make a profit. Low-fat and fat-free foods may look like the dieter’s best friend, but a closer look at the label would reveal that some fat-free foods offer just as many calories as their full-fat counterparts.

In order to achieve the low-fat label, producers often switch out harmless fats with carbohydrates that digest quickly and trigger a rush in sugar and a spike in insulin levels. This can trigger an increase in appetite as well as send signals to your body to store more fat.

According to researchers at the University of Alabama, meals with only 43% carbs were more filling and had a gentler effect on blood sugar levels than meals with 55% carbs.

Although you’re better off choosing 1% fat free milk, you’ll want to double check the label on low-fat sweets and carbs.

Weight Loss Advice: You Should Periodically Skip Meals

You’ve probably seen those skinny girls who said they got so busy that they “forgot to eat” and some fad diet plans have you fast frequently to cleanse the body and signal to the body that it should burn fat for fuel.

These weight loss techniques can wreak havoc on your metabolism and can actually cause you to gain weight rather than lose it, even though you’re cutting calories.

In a study published by the American Journal of Epidemiology, individuals who skipped breakfast were 4.5 times more likely to be obese than those who ate meals regularly.

As it turns out, skipping meals doesn’t trigger your body to burn stored fat for fuel. Instead, your body thinks it’s starving and actually slows your metabolism and breaks down muscle proteins for energy. Additionally, it puts your appetite into overdrive, and you’ll be more likely to overeat at your next meal.

A small low-calorie snack may be just what you need to keep your metabolism functioning at its peak.

Weight Loss Advice: You Have to Give up Your Favorite Foods

Many diets have you give up sweets, sodas, pastas, breads, and other food favorites in order to lose weight, but according to Nutritionist Dr. Susan Kayman, depriving yourself while dieting is the fast-track to yo-yo weight loss.

“There’s something called the abstinence violation effect, which says that if you insist on completely avoiding something, human nature makes it likely that you’ll break your resolution.” She continues, “Then you’ll tell yourself you’ve blown it and simply give up. It’s better to allow yourself enjoyable choices every now and then, which makes the real issue how much you have and how often.”

Ever hear of the calories in vs. calories out? So long as your calories are in proportion to your exercise and that you’re getting the adequate nutrition you need to stay healthy, a bite of chocolate or a slice of cheesecake won’t completely ruin your weight loss results.

Additional Suggestions

While these are just three weight loss myths of millions out there, learning how to spot the fact from the fiction can help ensure that you lose weight and keep it off safely.

Experts at WebMD recommend this rule of thumb, “be suspicious of quick and easy weight loss solutions. The biggest misconception is that doing something in the short term will have long-term results.”

When it comes to losing weight, the thing you can be certain of is that there will be new schemes and scams every day. The key is be a little skeptical and do a little research of your own before experimenting with yet another piece of weight loss advice.

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