Weight Loss Success at Your Desk

weight loss success at your desk

It doesn’t matter if you completely love your work or absolutely despise it – your job may be making you fat.

Stress, poor food choices, and a sedentary lifestyle for 6 to 8 hours a day can all contribute to packing on the pounds while you sit in front of that computer monitor.

With these tips and tricks, however, you can combine your career success with your weight loss success, and make you work work for you.

How to Make Work Work for You

Don’t Skip Meals: Let’s face it – sometimes your workload can be hectic. Between meetings, phonecalls, paperwork, emails, and interviews, finding time to find a snack can be a little difficult. However, the longer you go without food, the hungrier you’ll be when you finally do eat. Studies have shown that those who skip meals are more likely to binge the next time they have food.

Before you start your work day, be sure to plan out some healthy snacks and meals to give you the energy you need to push through your workday.

Call Out to Your Co-Workers: If you’re all working together in the same office, doing the same sit-down assignments, then chances are likely that your buddies are struggling to keep off the inches too.

Start an office weight loss challenge or pull everyone together to go for a quick walk during lunch. Perhaps begin a bi-weekly volleyball tournament outside or pool together for a healthy lunch once a week. The extra support can help keep you moving for weight loss success.

Monitor Your Media : Technology is an amazingly useful tool, and for some of us, our iPad, phone, tablet, or laptop are digital extensions of ourselves. Although these tools can help us save time when it comes to working at the office, they can also sap time from important physical activities as well.

For the next few days monitor how much time you spend using your gadgets. Whether you’re checking email, or playing Angry Birds, a few minutes here and there can quickly add up to a few hours. See where you can cut back on your media and replace it with a few minutes of cardio instead.

Switch it Up: It’s called the “daily grind” for a reason. Day in and day out we grind away at the same routine, doing the same old projects we’ve been doing for the past few weeks. For many of us, we fall into the same unhealthy habits over and over again. However, just because you have to work doesn’t mean that you can’t switch it up a little.

Instead of grabbing your morning coffee and cinnatwist, try grabbing a piece of fruit and a bagel. Rather than sending your coworker an email, get up and go have a chat in person. Substitute your regular parking stall for one at the far end of the lot so you have to walk. Take the stairs not the elevator.

Small simple changes are the key to weight loss success.

weight loss success at your deskBe Fit While You Sit: Australian researchers have found that those who sit at their desks for more than six hours a day were more likely to be overweight than those whose jobs kept them constantly moving or standing, and according to a study published in the the University of Chicago, if you have a sedentary job, you’re BMI is likely to be 3.3 units higher than normal.

Don’t let your workload turn you into another statistic! Set a timer to go off every twenty minutes so you have to get up and stretch. Use a stability ball instead of an office chair. Flex your calves while you type and fidget while you make phone calls. The more you move, the more calories you’ll burn throughout the day.

Additionally, compensate for your lack of movement throughout the day by joining a gym or signing up for a Zumba class after your shift is over. Even if you think your schedule is too busy, you can still stay active.

Additional Suggestions

Weight Loss Success isn’t about hitting the gym for hours a day and finding a new job as a personal trainer. Rather, success can be found by making small simple changes to your everyday routine to promote healthy habits.

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