5 Unusual Weight Loss Tricks That Work

unusual weight loss tricks that work

You’ve seen those fad diets: the baby food diet, the caveman diet, the tapeworm diet, etc. You’ve probably even met someone who’s tried a few, secretly laughing to yourself and thinking, “That can’t possibly work.”

All throughout history, desperate people have tried unusual ways to lose weight, sometimes putting their health on the line in order to get temporary, fast-acting results, and we give them a thumbs-up for creativity.

But what if these weird weight loss tricks could work?

We decided to search high and low for the most unusual weight loss tricks and tips, and naturally, we found some pretty strange ones. However, unlike most fad diet advice, these weird ways to lose weight actually work! Keep reading to find out how.

5 Weird Ways to Get Results

Cake for Breakfast: For those with an insatiable sweet tooth, eating cake for breakfast sounds like a dream come true, but recent studies confirm that obese individuals who ate breakfast loaded with carbs and protein (such as cake) were more likely to stick to their diet than those who ate a strict, low-carb low-calorie breakfast.

Carbohydrates and proteins often get a bad rap because they’re loaded with calories, but unsurprisingly, they make for great energy boosters. By eating these foods in the morning, you’ll have more time throughout the day to burn off the extra calories.

Turning Off the Lights: Rather than staying up late reading your favorite book or surfing the Internet, do your body a favor and turn out the lights an hour earlier and reduce your “light intake” before you go to bed.

According to a researcher at Ohio State University, mice exposed to light at all times during the day were more likely to gain weight than the control group. Why? Because they were more likely to eat during their rest phase, throwing their metabolism completely out of whack.

If you’ve ever noticed how hungry you get the later you stay up in the evening, then you’d get the general idea.

Adding Spice: Rather than using butter, oil, and salt to add flavor to your meals, cut back on the calories with spices. Chili peppers, for examples, can temporarily increase thermogenesis so you can burn more calories than before.

Additionally, research has shown that people tend to consume fewer calories when their food tastes new and spicy. The crazier the blend, the more novel and exciting to you – and the more benefits you’ll reap.

weight loss tricksEating Candy While Cooking: Cooking healthy food is a great way to slim down and lose weight, but if you’re constantly tasting and nibbling your food while you cook it, you’re going to be eating more calories than you expect.

In order to resist the temptation to try your meals every few minutes, try sucking on a flavorful piece of hard candy or chewing on mint gum. The potent taste will keep your mouth and tongue busy without packing on the pounds.

Drinking Oil: While the idea of this weight loss trick may make you gag, Seth Roberts PhD and author of The Shangri-La Diet stands by his flavorless calorie theory. Supposedly drinking 1-3 tablespoons of sugar water with 102 tablespoons of extra-light olive oil between meals will not only curb your diet but significantly lower your body’s “set point” (the weight your body wants to stay at).

Consuming foods with unfamiliar flavors or very little taste makes your body think it’s starving, and consequently, in order to compensate, the body lowers its set point, resulting in weight loss.

Additional Suggestions

Keep in mind that even though these unusual tips and weight loss tricks work successfully for many people, you might not experience the same success. Everyone is different, and what works for your neighbor may be your dieting downfall. Feel free to experiment with different weight loss strategies to see how your body responds.

If you need some extra help, diet pills and supplements can be used as an excellent tool for getting your weight loss back on track. You can read about the top diet pills here.

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