Weight Off Plus HCG Review

Weight Off Plus HCG

I’m used to seeing something flashy that makes a product sound amazing, powerful, and even possibly dangerous all rolled into one. But of course, most assure you that the product is actually very safe. It’s rare that a product describes you as a “walking anatomy chart” after using their product.

Weight Off Plus HCG on the other hand is so short on the details, you have to wonder what is it that Weight Off Plus HCG does. Sure, Weight Off Plus HCG has a homeopathic treatment that happens to contain such and such ingredients. But why do I care?

The HCG Craze

HCG, HGH, not the same thing. Don’t get confused. HGH is a clinically proven way to improve your health, lose weight, increase muscle mass, and increase sexual prowess among a number of other things. HCG has been proven to increase your blood pressure, retain water weight, and cause morning sickness. Weight Off Plus HCG fortunately only has trace amounts of HCG if any at all. So I highly doubt you’ll see any difference.

The Homeopathy Trend

Homeopathy truth be told, has not received quite as much attention as HCG. But it’s still a rising star, even if it shouldn’t be. Homeopathy is an old form of medicine that has been called hogwash, junk science, and a lot of other things along the way. It has been used for the most part to treat minor issues like allergies and headaches, supposedly getting “deeper” into the body with trace amounts.

But if it has trace amounts, there’s no secret behind it, no amazing way that it is going to defy all the odds. In order to lose weight, you need certain measurable amounts of any active ingredient. And homeopathy is just not going to provide that.


You can debate the facts, talk about how HCG may be that amazing, and talk about all of the “science” you’ve read about. Truth be told, there is no science. There are no studies that show that HCG promotes weight loss, unless of course you combine it with a 500 calorie diet. There are no studies that use this approach, because 500 calories a day is considered starvation, it’s dangerous and unethical. There are no studies at all that prove homeopathy, which is why it’s called a “junk science.” None of this should be particularly surprising.

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