What is Your Body Type?

what's your body type

Does it seem as though no matter how many weights you lift, you simply can’t gain muscle? Or on the other hand, have you tried to slim down but discovered that you can’t shed those stubborn pounds clinging to your middle?

Then you might not be working with your body type! Your genetics play a key role in how you gain or lose weight, and only by working with your body can you get the best weight loss results possible. See how these three body types can affect your weight loss goals.

Understanding the Three Main Body Types

Although the human body comes in all shapes and sizes, for simplicity’s sake, you can be categorized in one of three main body types: endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph.

When it comes to build muscle mass and bulking up, the endomorph body type certainly comes out on top. With a larger bone structure and a wider waist, an endomorph body seems to thrive on the heavy weights.

endomorphUnfortunately, because the endomorph body has no problem packing on the pounds, individuals with this body type often struggle to keep their BMI to a healthy low level. Typically speaking, the endomorph is known for an increased ability to store fat, so if you’re struggling to slim down, you might want to consider the following workout routine.

Exercises for the Endomorph:

• Jump Rope
• Jogging
• Kick boxing
• Swimming
• Zumba

The more you move, the more you’ll burn. Keep your heart rate up and focus on cardio exercises if you want to trim off the bellyfat and show off those muscles underneath.

The Ectomorph body type, on the flip side, tends to burn calories easily. Typically accompanied by a smaller frame and a faster metabolism, the ectomorph body type is known for long thin muscles and a low fat storage capacity.

ectomorphAt first, it may seem easy to be jealous of the ectomorph body type if you’re struggling to lose weight. However, the ectomorph body type isn’t ideal if you’re looking to put on the muscle and bulk up. It takes extra dedication to lifting weights and a special diet to turn a thin ectomorph into a toned athlete.

Exercises for the Ectomorph:
• Bench press and barbells
• Squats
• Pull-ups or Chin-ups
• Seated Leg Press

A balanced diet that includes high amounts of carbs and proteins can help build muscle faster, giving you a more toned and muscular appearance rather than simply looking skin. Focus more on building muscle rather than cardio if you’re looking to make the most out of each gym session.

And of course, let’s not forget the mesomorph, or the middle of the road body type. Some may consider this body type to be the best of both worlds. On one hand, they can build muscle easier than an Ectomorph, and on the other, this body type can lose weight easier than the Endomorph.

Generally speaking, the mesomorph is characterized by having a large bone structure, but low fat levels, as well as wide shoulders but a thin waist.

mesomorphThe key for a mesomorph is to find a balance between your cardio and your strength lifting routine, which might not be as easy as it sounds. You’ll have a naturally bulky frame, which means that you’ll have to work harder to shed the fat initially, and then in order to make sure that you don’t lose muscle mass, you’ll have to work harder to build back the muscle.

Exercises for the Mesomorph:
• Pilates
• Cycling
• Rugby
• Gymnastics

Mesomorphs can have the most variety when it comes to their workouts, and depending on whether they’re looking to lose weight or build muscle, they can alter their routines to get the best results. Mesomorphs can gain fat easily if they lead a sedentary lifestyle, so be sure to opt for high-energy sports that can keep you active.

Find the Workout that Suits You!

In the race of building a better body, your genetics can put an extra hurdle in your way to victory. However, just because you’re struggling doesn’t mean you won’t succeed. Before you throw in the towel, remember to work with your body’s individual needs rather than assuming that the same generic exercises will work for everyone.

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