At-Home Workout Tips You Will Love to Use

you will love these at home workout tips

Just because you’re not clocking in every morning doesn’t mean that you’re not working around the clock. Between running errands, cooking meals, doing dishes, watching the kids, and changing diapers – finding enough time to exercise is like trying to find your toddler’s missing left shoe.

But while you’re busy dedicating your life to serving those around you, have you ever stopped to think about yourself for a few minutes?

Eating healthy and participating in regular exercise can reduce stress and increase your energy levels, so you can push through yet another day of chasing after a runaway three-year old and scooping up spilled cheerios without turning into a nervous wreck. Additionally, regular exercise can lower blood pressure levels and even reduce your risk of heart disease (as well as numerous other health benefits), so you can live long enough to watch your kids grow up.

If you’re struggling to squeeze in a few extra minutes of cardio, then these workout tips can help you shape up and slim down while still keeping your family top priority.

How to Make the Most of Your Minutes

Find a Family Friendly Gym: Some gyms offer childcare with their memberships, meaning that you don’t need to hire a sitter every time you want to whip out the gym bag. On-site childcare facilities can keep your child close while you work off the post-pregnancy baby fat.

As an added bonus, some gyms even offer classes for kids, teaching them the basics while you squeeze in a few more minutes at the elliptical.

Pop in a DVD: Finding an entire hour to hit the gym or even round up the kids for a walk may seem like far more effort and coordination than it’s worth. For those days when you simply can’t get out of the house, you can buy fun workout DVDs to burn those calories in the comfort of your living room. Some programs even offer ten minute workout sessions, so you can break up your time into more manageable amounts.

Tote Your Toddler: Like to bike? Then you may want to invest in a “kid trailer” for your bike, so you can tote your toddler alongside you and burn a few extra calories while you’re at it.

Like to run? Jogging strollers are available that are designed to provide your child a safe place to ride over different types of terrains.

If your child is too small to sit in a stroller, then try a baby strap instead. The extra 10 pounds can help you burn more calories, and your baby will love being close to you!

Go for Yoga: Yoga is a great way to strengthen core muscles, and it’s been one of the most popular weight loss methods for years. Recently, yoga has evolved to accommodate young families, and now many gyms and fitness classes offer parent-baby yoga classes that can help build up strength and endurance while promoting opportunities to bond with your child.

As an added bonus, the mind-body exercises can help reduce stress while releasing feel-good hormones known as Endorphins, so you can look as great as you feel.

at home workout tipsGet the Family Involved: When it comes to exercise, the more the merrier! If your kids are old enough, make exercise a family bonding experience. Go for hikes, take your kids on a nature walk, and teach them how to ride a bike while you run alongside them. Play at the park and do pull-ups on the monkey bars. Be creative with your exercise and your whole family will learn to love it too.

Just because you need to burn a few extra calories doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun while you’re at it. Remember, the more active you are – the more active your children will be! By making exercise a big part of your life, you’ll be creating lifelong habits that your kids will take with them for years to come.

Additional Pointers

While some days it can feel as though your family is pulling you into a time-trap, these workout tips can help you get out of your rut and lead a healthier, slimmer life. While you might not have as much time to hit the gym as when you were single and slender, the more you work toward the losing weight and staying fit, the happier you’ll be.

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