Xenadrine Ripped Review

Xenadrine Ripped is “clinically proven”, “revolutionary”, and it is “guaranteed to help you to lose weight!” That’s it, we love Xenadrine Ripped! Are you crazy?

In this industry, I’ve learned that you can NEVER just take anybody’s word for it. Advertisers do just that, advertise. The job of an advertiser is to make you believe that you are getting some kind of holy wonder, even if the product is nothing more than water. And with Xenadrine’s history…..let’s take a closer look.

What Is In Xenadrine Ripped?

Xenadrine Ripped uses a pretty basic blend. But let’s get straight to the point.

Xenadrine Ripped is different, starting out with a blend of cumin, olive, alchemilla vulgaris, and mint. At first, these ingredients may seem inconsequential to you, and things like olive leaf may fade into the background. But take a second look.

This particular blend is comprised of ingredients commonly found in beauty products or even in your kitchen. And buyer beware, don’t sprinkle cumin on your food expecting to lose 20 pounds. But when you use the full blend used in Xenadrine Ripped, it does actually promote some pretty serious fat burning and weight loss results.

Second, Xenadrine Ripped uses caffeine. It’s common enough, because if you haven’t heard, caffeine actually promotes some pretty strong fat burning effects when you use at least 400mg. Caffeine is not a bad thing. Even in smaller amounts, it can increase energy. But if you are sensitive to caffeine, be careful of the side effects.

Third, Xenadrine Ripped uses a bunch of ingredients that improve memory and overall brain function. No, improving your memory will not necessarily help you to lose weight. But if you already have a strong formula, these ingredients can help you to get a little more than just another diet pill.

Xenadrine Ripped’s Clinical Proof

Study 1 – In a double blind, placebo controlled, randomized clinical study, it was shown that the combination of lady’s finger, mint, olive leaf, and cumin users lost an average of 20.94 pounds. The placebo group on the other hand lost about 1.7 pounds. Both groups were instructed to follow a low calorie diet over 12 weeks.

Study 2 – Another double blind, placebo controlled, randomized clinical trial showed that individuals using this particular blend lost an average of 16.5 pounds in 8 weeks as opposed to 1.73 pounds in the placebo group.

Xenadrine Ripped – Conclusion

Xenadrine Ripped, what a surprise. No really, this is actually a surprise coming from Xenadrine Ripped. Xenadrine Ripped has a formula that is among the first of its kind. Xenadrine Ripped has branched off from the usual, and so far, it seems to be paying off.

Other Xenadrine products are still the same, no new formulas there. But Xenadrine Ripped is quite possibly the first Xenadrine since ephedra that could really help you to lose weight.

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