Xenadrine XT Review

Xenadrine XTBurning out while you work out can be a disappointing and discouraging feeling, especially if you still have a lot of workout planned. One way to help increase your durability during a workout is through a dietary supplement.

One supplement that advertises an extreme thermogenic effect is Xenadrine XT. The manufacturers of this product are well known and use a unique blend of ingredients that have not been included in any of their products up until this point.

With these ingredients, you may be able to get the stamina, energy, and boost that you are looking for on your way to achieving fitness goals.

Xenadrine XT Formula

Xenadrine XT uses a mixture of new and commonly used ingredients to achieve the best results possible. Some of the ingredients are Caffeine Anhydrous, Sage Leaf, L-Theanine, Yohimbe Extract, and Rhodiola Extract.

Caffeine Anhydrous, Yohimbe Extract, and Rhodiola Extract are all known for their energy-boosting qualities. By including three of these ingredients, Xenadrine XT is sure to give you a boost and stimulate your brain and muscles for workouts.

Sage leaf is not quite as commonly used as the other ingredients. This ingredient is used to help control excessive sweating and appetite, which helps to combat the effects that come during and after intense workouts.

L-Theanine is not used in many weight loss supplements primarily because it is mostly used for treating high blood pressure. We are uncertain why it has been included in Xenadrine XT, especially since there is no evidence stating what its long term effects are.

However, this product does include an ingredient that has been clinically proven to promote weight loss: Green Coffee Extract. Through a couple of different studies, it was shown that adding this extract to a workout and diet regimen almost doubled weight loss.


Since this is a relatively new product, there were not many consumer reviews. We found only one, and it was generally positive and said that this product worked. Without more of a consumer base, however, it is difficult to tell how Xenadrin XT will affect everyone.

The clinical studies done on the effects of Green Coffee Extract give us confidence that this product will be beneficial, but the lack of conclusive evidence on the effects of L-Theanine make us wonder exactly how safe it will be in the long run.

What We Think

Overall, this product does seem to have promise. With a blend of good ingredients, one of which is clinically proven, Xenadrin XT is most likely effective.

However, we wonder about the inclusion of L-Theanine, as it is not linked to the promotion of weight loss and has no conclusions about long term health effects. For this reason, we would not recommend using Xenadrin XT for longer than about three weeks in a row.

Though this may not be the supplement for continued use, it can be effective and is safe in short term periods. For those looking for a temporary supplement, or one to mix up their current supplements, we think that Xenadrin XT may be an adequate choice.

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