Yellow Devils Review

Yellow Devils

Yellow Devils is a natural extract and formula meant to help you to get the ultimate thermogenic results and benefits.

With Yellow Devils, you will be able to get the same results as Yellow Swarm and Yellow Jackets with the same formula!

So why would you buy this above the others? Because the others have been discontinued. This is obviously a bad sign. But they persist.

They say that you can lose body fat 24 hours a day, improve energy and endurance, increase the body’s natural metabolism, and you will be able to enhance concentration and mental alertness.

Yellow Devils will give you 25mg of ma huang and 300mg of total caffeine, and this will supposedly put it above and beyond the competition. Yellow Devils is a product like no other.

But is this a good thing or a bad thing? And is it even true?

Yellow Devils ingredients include: ma huang extract, bitter orange extract, capsicum annum fruit, kola nut extract, eleutherococcus senticosus root, acacia rigidula extract, phenylethylamine HCL, theobromine anhydrous, and quebrancho extract bark.

The Truth

Yellow Devils has some potentially valid ingredients. When using Yellow Devils, you get bitter orange extract, which has been called the safe and effective alternative to ephedrine.

It is a chemical cousin to ephedrine, and it does have some stimulant related side effects. But as far as we can tell so far, it’s considerably safer than ephedrine. With this in mind, they also have ingredients like phenylethylamine, which has been called one of the best possible appetite suppressants, even being compared to prescription Phentermine.

However, they do not actually have the clinically proven amounts of anything. When it comes to the formula seen in Yellow Devils, obviously they are not legally allowed to use enough ephedrine to make a difference, and yet it can still cause some serious side effects. But caffeine requires at least 400mg per type, and they use only 300mg total! None of this is particularly surprising or astounding.


Yellow Devils relies largely and almost entirely on the hype surrounding ephedrine. It does not actually have a real leg to stand on. When they focus on ephedrine, they are actually telling you that this product is extremely dangerous, and you should not risk your health or life with it.

But they are also telling you that they likely don’t have ingredients powerful enough to show results, nor do they actually have the right amounts to show the given results. They talk about 24 hour weight loss. But it’s all fluff when it comes down to it.

We would strongly recommend that you find something else that will actually come through and will actually give you the right ingredients or anything else that will not be provided here.

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