ZXT Gold Review

It turns out that bee pollen may be good for more than just making honey—makers of ZXT Gold want you to believe it can actually help you lose weight.
Alongside other natural ingredients, bee pollen helps this diet pill ramp up your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and get fat burning in motion to help you lose weight. At the same time, it is said to include ingredients that will help you maintain youthful, elastic skin.

Can ZXT Gold really accomplish all this? Stick around you’ll find out in our review.

How ZXT Gold Works

Through bee pollen, ZXT Gold is said to increase your metabolism. Wolfberries also work to this end, and Chinese yams and barberry are used for cleansing the liver and other areas of your digestive tract. In this way, you’ll be able to release the waste and toxins that may be contributing to belly bloat and keep your system clean.

Green tea works to burn fat through thermogenesis, and dietary fiber keeps you feeling full, thus reducing your caloric intake.

When you’re eating less and your metabolism is functioning at a higher rate, your body will begin to burn fat stores for energy, and you’ll start to lose weight.

Lotus seed is also included to help keep your skin young and elastic.

ZXT Gold Pros

• Contains green tea, which has been clinically-proven in nine different trials to boost metabolism by at least four percent and cause weight loss
• Contains fiber, which works as an appetite suppressant and decreases caloric intake
• Retailing at $40.00 per bottle, it is on the lower end of diet pills on the current market
• It is made with all-natural ingredients and barring some caffeine-related side effects associated with green tea, it does not cause any adverse side effects
• It is simple to take, requiring a dosage of only two pills in the morning along with a glass of water

ZXT Gold Cons

• Bee pollen has not been tested or proven to facilitate higher metabolism in humans
• Detoxifying ingredients tend only to promote the loss of water weight, not lasting weight loss
• The ingredients in ZXT Gold are included in a proprietary blend, which means we do not know the exact amounts included and we cannot tell if the ingredients will be effective
• With only a 500mg dose, there is not enough green tea present in ZXT Gold to spark thermogenesis; it requires at least 400mg, and there are other ingredients present in the formula to crowd out green tea
• It is impossible to target fat burning in specific areas of the body, so its advertising claims are false
• ZXT Gold does not offer a money-back guarantee, making it impossible to try in a risk-free way

Our Final Call

In our opinion, you can do much better than ZXT Gold. While it may offer some mild fat burning effects and metabolism boosting, it will likely only result in lost water weight and won’t provide long term results.

I(t seems to function better as a multi-vitamin than a weight loss pill, offering both and health and beauty benefits instead of focusing solely on fat burning.

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