Zxt Slim Review

zxt slim

Zxt Slim is a diet pill that supposedly does it all – from increasing energy levels, to decreasing appetite, to improving digestion, to detoxifying the body of toxins, to reducing water retention.

Manufacturers would have you believe that traditional Chinese medicine holds the secret to this formula’s success, and with just two capsules a day, you can simply “watch the weight disappear.” And if this weight loss product could live up to its claims, then Zxt Slim could give Fenphedrine a run for its money.

Yet is Zxt Slim really the best solution for slimming down and getting that perfect body you’ve always wanted?


When I first started investigating Zxt Slim, I was initially impressed with an all-natural formula that included both Green Tea and Dietary Fiber. Both of these ingredients are clinically proven to promote weight loss when used alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise, and both ingredients have been used in countless successful diet pills around the world.

Additionally, I couldn’t help but like the fact that Zxt Slim was fairly affordable, selling for about $30 a bottle when purchased from Floyd Nutrition, when many other diet pills sell for two or
three times that amount.

Finally, I like the fact that Floyd Nutrition also provides consumers with helpful dieting tips and articles so they can lose weight more effectively.


Unfortunately, Zxt Slim is fairly flawed when it comes to delivering long-lasting results and customer satisfaction.

Aside from Green Tea and Fiber, many of the ingredients inside Zxt Slim are not clinically proven to promote weight loss. Although they provide plenty of nutrients to support a healthy immune system and various other bodily functions, they’re not enough to promote long-lasting results. Further studies still need to be conducted before I could wholeheartedly recommend ingredients such as bee pollen or lotus seed.

Along similar lines, Floyd Nutrition does not disclose ingredient concentrations on their website (or even an ingredient label with a listed proprietary blend), making it difficult to determine whether or not this product will produce results or side effects.

I always warn consumers to approach proprietary blends with caution, as you never know precisely what you’re really getting.


Ingredients such as Bee Pollen may aggravate allergies in some individuals, resulting in a wide variety of negative side effects (which vary from person to person).

Additionally, green tea contains caffeine, which can cause insomnia, jitters, headaches, and nausea. The severity of these side effects depends on the amount used in the formula, so it’s possible that the caffeine in Zxt Slim could be too small to result in any problems, or on the flip side, it could be too high

Final Thoughts

Zxt Slim does have the right idea when it comes to losing weight: you need to increase energy levels and decrease appetite in order to slim down.

Unfortunately its approach is all wrong, and the ingredients inside Zxt Slim will provide minimal results at best. Without a money-back guarantee to act as extra cushion (in case it doesn’t work), Zxt Slim might not be worth the effort it takes to register with the official website.

If you want to see what a truly powerful all-natural formula looks like, then go to Fenphedrine.com Like Zxt Slim, Fenphedrine utilizes a unique blend of herbs and ingredients to control hunger hormones and give you that extra boost of energy you need to push through your weight loss plateaus, but unlike Zxt Slim, it actually works.

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